12 Yr Old British- Pakistani Boy Made Approx $400K From NFTs


The 12-year-old British-Pakistani software genius has already made a million dollars thanks to his popular NFT (non-fungible tokens) collection, Weird Whales.

Make no mistake: Benyamin Ahmad is not your typical adolescent!

The 12-year-old British-Pakistani tech genius is already a millionaire, having earned over 400,000 dollars from his popular NFT (non-fungible tokens) collection, namely Weird Whales, but that’s not the end of the storey.

Taking a deep dive into the lives of this kid prodigy and his mentor and father, Imran Ahmad, who is on his way to become a pioneering proof that people may not require bank accounts in the future to survive, thrive, and stay financially linked.

CNBC reported the interview with Benyamin and posted it on twitter.

Imran Ahmad, like his father, unknowingly lay the basis for his son’s interest for technology when he became enamoured with computers in his teens in the 1990s.

“When I was 12 years old, my father bought a Commodore 64. It was accompanied by a manual which had a lot of computer programs written at the back.”

“Fascinated as I was, I used to type them all out and watch them play out like little animations. But still, I had no idea about whether I wanted to study computers, but I was advised by one of my teachers to study computers when I was 18. And here I am, 30-35 years later, passionate about coding, working at the London Stock Exchange.”— Stated by imran ahmad

Benyamin began coding at the age of five, starting with simple CSS Javascripts and progressing to a free online coding course where he learned more about technology.

People congratulated the 12-year-old on microblogging site for his contribution towards the marketplace.

Notably, open-source and collaborative online learnings accounted for a significant portion of his education and learning. These sources and developers were especially helpful to Benyamin.

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