A Fan Got 1 BTC From Tom Brady For Keeping His 600th TD Ball


  • Tom Brady’s 600th touchdown was scored by a Buccaneers fan.
  • Despite the fact that the ball had a potential value of $500,000., the fan returned it to the team.

Even Tom Brady believes the fan who received his 600th touchdown ball should have negotiated a better bargain. Brady discussed the arrangement with the fan with ESPN’s “ManningCast” of “Monday Night Football,” revealing that he planned to give the fan a Bitcoin for his troubles.

On Sunday, Brady threw his 600th career touchdown pass, making him the first quarterback in NFL history to do it. Unfortunately, wide receiver Mike Evans passed the ball to a fan in the crowd before recognising the significance of the score, which resulted in some mischief.

Byron Kennedy, the fan, worked out a deal with a Buccaneers trainer before returning the ball to the team. Brady expressed his gratitude for having the ball back in his hands on Monday.

He did believe, though, that Kennedy could have pushed for more.

“There was a lot of negotiations to get the ball back, Byron realized he lost all of his leverage when he gave the ball away. He should have held it so he would have had as much leverage as possible.”

I think it worked out,” Brady told. He further added, “I am also giving him a Bitcoin. That’s pretty cool too. At the end of the day, I think he’s still making out pretty well.”

According to some estimations, Brady’s 600th touchdown ball is worth up to $500,000.

While Kennedy will not be receiving such a large sum of money, the value of one Bitcoin was hovering between $62,000 and $63,000 on Monday, so he didn’t completely miss out on his possible financial jackpot.

Brady’s gift of bitcoin fits right in with his present job as an FTX pitchman.

In addition to his new cryptocurrency investment, the Buccaneers presented Kennedy with a lavish care package as a token of their appreciation for his cooperation.

Brady might be able to fit it in during the offseason. A Bitcoin will have to serve until then.

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