A Newly Launched Cryptocurrency Called Rokkit Fuel To Revolutionise Social Media!

Rokkit Fuel, a newly launched cryptocurrency, is being heralded as the next great cryptocurrency, with enormous intentions to revolutionise the social media sector with a cryptocurrency-based social networking platform.

If that wasn’t enough, the token also redistributes 5% of every transaction to all Bitcoin holders. Many past ventures paid out in native tokens or stable currencies like USD, but with Rokkit Fuel currency, the contract automatically converts incentives to Bitcoin, the most wanted of all.

In its white paper, Rokkit Fuel states that they feel more should be done to compensate creators who now receive relatively little for their efforts in partnerships offered by other prominent platforms like YouTube and TikTok.

According to this Business Insider article, Youtubers with 1000 views will earn an average of $17 if their content is selected for Google ads (who take around 40-55 percent of profit), whereas creators in the proposed Rokkit Fuel app could earn $17 or more with as little as one view, which could be life changing for some creators, particularly the up and coming ones.

Rokkit Fuel goes on to say that more has to be done to reward artists in order for social media to have a long-term existence. This will be accomplished by content creators having one-time paid, subscription-based, or free shows, with the charge established by the producers themselves.

For example, even if just 500 individuals paid $2 per month to subscribe to a content producer’s show, the creator would still make $2,000.00 per month (before taxes and fees). That same creator would earn a fraction of that amount if they shared the same material on other big social media networks.

And this is where Rokkit Fuel will revolutionise the business: if they can design an app that allows even smaller producers to prosper and perhaps abandon their day jobs, it will revolutionise not only the social media sector, but the entire landscape of entertainment.

Rokkit Fuel is the brainchild of Shak Warner, who has spent over 20 years in the music and entertainment business working with some of the top American and British bands, which bodes well for the project’s goal of establishing a social networking app.

Some may wonder why content makers would abandon their present social media channels in favour of Rokkit Fuel’s app.

Even though Rokkit Fuel is still in its early stages, many celebrities and influencers have tweeted about it, including international soccer player Fredy Montero, celebrity DJs DJ Danny T and DJ Prestige, actor David Banks, rappers Wayne Dreadski and MuZik King, professional basketball player Alandise Harris, musician Robert Dobbs, and professional ice hockey player Zach Boychuk, to name a few.

Rokkit Fuel has also gained traction across crypto-based listing websites, with $ROKK trending at No. 1 on sites such as Watcher Guru and Coinsniper, and hundreds of people adding Rokkit Fuel to their watchlists on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko.

The project’s creators aren’t stopping there; they’ve announced a new billboard campaign that will begin in New York Times Square. Because of the buzz around Rokkit Fuel, members of the community have been speculating on the name of the social networking app, with rumours circulating that it would be named “ROKKit.”

One thing is certain: the community is at the core of the project, with the team hosting frequent AMAs (ask me anything) and providing updates on the project’s progress.

Many experts and Youtubers are touting Rokkit Fuel as the next value investment moving into 2022, with a current marketcap of 0.3 percent compared to Safemoon’s, 0.0015 percent of Doge Coin’s, and a multi-billion dollar goal sector.

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