According to Robinhood, there are currently 1.6 million people on the crypto wallet waitlist.

According to Christine Brown, chief operating officer of Robinhood Markets, there are currently 1.6 million customers on the queue for its cryptocurrency wallet, up from 1 million just a few weeks ago.

Brown stated at a Decrypt and Yahoo Finance conference that the retail broker’s crypto wallet, which will allow users to move supported digital currencies in and out of their brokerage accounts, is on pace to launch late in the first quarter of 2022.

Robinhood notified users earlier this week that a hacker had gotten past the app’s defenses and stolen millions of user email addresses and other information.

The perpetrator contacted customer service and, posing as an authorized entity, persuaded a Robinhood employee to grant access to the customer support computer system, a hacker tactic known as “social engineering,” according to the company’s blog post.

According to the post, after taking information from Robinhood, the hacker attempted to extort money from the company, which instead chose to notify law enforcement and tell users about the incident.

“We owe it to our clients to be upfront and behave with integrity,” said Caleb Sima, Robinhood’s chief security officer.

“Putting the entire Robinhood community on notice of this occurrence now, following a thorough assessment, is the appropriate thing to do.”

According to the company, the hacker stole roughly five million email addresses for Robinhood users, as well as the names of about two million other members of the investment service, late on November 3.

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