Adobe To Launch Verification Tools To NFT Producers


  • Content Credentials is a new tool from Adobe that allows users to add verified metadata to their work.
  • The feature will be supported by a number of NFT marketplaces, including Rarible.
  • Buyers of NFTs will be able to see if the token minter and the original artist have the same blockchain address.
  • NFT designers will be able to use this feature in Adobe’s products, including Photoshop, Behance, and Stock.

Adobe has launched a project that would provide verification tools to non-fungible token (NFT) producers.

Verification will be supported by content credentials.

Users can now add information to their work using Adobe’s new Content Credentials system. Despite the fact that all photos contain metadata, Adobe’s technology tries to avoid fraud by identifying the creator of a work in a verifiable and secure manner.

NFT authors will be able to leverage this capability, according to Adobe. In the metadata of a photograph, a digital artist can include their cryptocurrency address. Buyers can then verify that the address used to create the NFT matches the address used to create the picture. If the addresses are different, the minter may have plagiarised the image.

The effort is part of the Content Authenticity Initiative, which has been in the works for two years (CAI). The programme, led by Adobe, has attracted a number of notable participants, including the BBC, Microsoft, and Nikon.

Source: Bitcoin News

Available on Photoshop

Many of Adobe’s apps, including its flagship image-editing suite Photoshop, will accept Content Credentials. According to reports, the capability will be accessible as a “prepare as NFT” option in the app’s next set of beta features.

Adobe’s social media site Behance and its photo-hosting platform Stock will both have similar functionality.

Four sites have joined with Adobe to enable the feature on the marketplace side. Rarible, KnownOrigin, OpenSea, and SuperRare will all do this by displaying metadata on NFT listings in a tab.

This week, Adobe executive Scott Belsky talked about the greater possibilities of NFTs. In a Verge interview, Belsky stated that he has “never seen a more empowering and better-aligned system for creativity than NFTs.” He complimented the idea that NFT artists can earn money from both primary and secondary sales.

Belsky, on the other hand, expressed alarm about the possibility of an NFT market downturn. “In fact, my opinion would be that there’s going to be more crashes before more booms,” he said.

On Twitter, Belsky drew attention to the problem of NFT theft, noting that “artists have seen their work copied and minted with no benefit or attribution to the original artist” due to the ease of copying and pasting existing artwork. It’s unclear whether or not artists will turn to Adobe’s approach to remedy the problem.

Adobe is the most recent corporation to adopt NFTs. In recent months, several big companies such as TIME Magazine, TikTok, Twitter, and Visa have also announced NFT efforts.

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