After 6 Years Dogecoin Re-established Its Foundation

The Dogecoin Foundation has been re-established after a six-year hiatus. The foundation’s mission will be to help the meme coin’s main developers as well as other areas that will benefit the meme coin.

Vitalik Buterin, Billy Markus, Max Keller, and Jared Birchall are among the foundation’s members. Elon’s objective of Dogecoin will be pursued by all of them.

This is significant since detractors have long claimed that Dogecoin lacked a strong developer community. That, however, is about to change.

We all know that the meme currency was made as a joke and nothing special that would take over the world.

But now it seems that the community of the meme currency wants different. There is so much hype regarding Dogecoin that the foundation has been re-established again.

The idea behind this is to support developers to work full-time on dogecoin through sponsorships. They are also planning to announce many new projects and work to build a broader Dogecoin ecosystem.

Another objective of the resurrected Dogecoin Foundation will be to safeguard the brand. The concept is that Dogecoin is and will remain a people’s currency.

However, numerous attempts have been taken to restrict people and projects from using it. And this is what the foundation has been fighting for since 2014, and they will continue to fight for it now.

As a result, anyone can use the logo and name for new memes, initiatives, and entertainment, and the foundation will back them up.

Meanwhile, Matt Wallace, A youtuber speculates that $1 mark for dogecoin isn’t far.

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