After claiming the big crypto theft was done ‘for fun,’ hackers have returned $342 million to Poly Network.


  • So far, the hacker responsible for a $610 million bitcoin theft has repaid $342 million.
  • The hacker, dubbed “Mr. White Hat,” stated they did the Poly Network crime “for pleasure.”
  • A total of $268 million in ether has yet to be refunded.

As hacker “Mr. White Hat” continues to restore stolen money to Poly Network, one of the largest cryptocurrency heists in history is gradually being undone.

Poly Network, a peer-to-peer DeFi network, said on Wednesday that a flaw in its programming resulted in a $610 million asset robbery from its network. The breach was partially reversed shortly after the attack, with the hacker repaying $258 million a few hours later.

According to tweets from Poly Network, Mr. White Hat is still returning the money. A total of $342 million has been returned to Poly Network as of Thursday afternoon, leaving $268 million in ether outstanding.

The theft emphasizes the continued dangers of cryptocurrencies and decentralized financial systems, which allow users to make payments without relying on traditional bank or exchange protections.

“All the remaining user assets on Ethereum (except for the frozen USDT) had been transferred to the multisig wallet controlled by Mr. White Hat and Poly Network team. The repayment process has not yet been completed. To ensure the safe recovery of user assets, we hope to maintain communication with Mr. White Hat and convey accurate information to the public,” Poly Network stated in a tweet on Thursday.

In a Q&A hidden within a digital currency transaction, the heist’s hacker stated that he did it “for fun.”

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