AICC President Rahul Gandhi Says ” Bitcoin Is A Scam” In Relation With Recent Karnataka Bitcoin Scam

The Congress claimed on Saturday that the BJP government in Karnataka was involved in a multi-billion dollar Bitcoin scandal. Covered it up, and requested that an independent probe be undertaken by a Supreme Court-monitored SIT.

Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi claimed that “the scam is big but the cover-up is much bigger.”

Taking to Twitter, he expressed his dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs saying ”Bitcoin Scam is big. But Bitcoin Scam Cover-up is much bigger. Because it has to cover up someone’s fake big ego.”


At a news conference, Congress national secretary and principal spokesperson Randeep Surjewala questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi six questions, including what role Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai, who was the state’s home minister at the time of the scandal, played.

He questioned why foreign law enforcement authorities, such as Interpol, were not notified of the stolen Bitcoins.

“In Karnataka, India’s largest ever ‘Bitcoin Scam’ was discovered. The BJP government in Karnataka appeared to be focused with ‘Operation Bitcoin Scam Coverup’ rather than conducting a fair probe, he claimed.

“This is not a money laundering crime alone, this is an international crime. Considering how shoddily and compromised the investigation has been done, I don’t think that the ED (Enforcement Directorate) or Karnataka Police can do a fair job.”

“That is why we demand that an SIT (special investigation team) should be set up and monitored by the Supreme Court which should investigate this case and bring out the truth.” – Rahul Gandhi told.

Giving clearance to the statement “Bitcoin is a scam”, A Twitter user wrote that ” The former AICC President is talking about the recent karnataka bitcoin scam and not talking directly about Bitcoin.”

Surjewala and Gourav Vallabh, the party’s spokesperson, claimed that an alleged hacker, Sri Krishna, was arrested along with his associate Robin Khandelwal by the Karnataka Police on November 14 last year and held in police custody for more than 100 days after being arrested in at least five criminal cases one after the other. On April 17 of this year, he was released on bail.


Sri Krishna was also accused by Congress leaders of being involved in the alleged hacking of Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency exchanges and websites, including Bitfinex, which is registered in a well-known tax haven, the British Virgin Islands, and was hacked on August 2, 2016, with 1,20,000 bitcoins stolen, according to reports. However, he admits to taking 2000 Bitcoins in his voluntary declaration.

He explained that ‘Whale Alert‘ is a Twitter account that analyses large-scale cryptocurrency transactions, and it shows that Bitcoins from the 2016 Bitfinex Bitcoin exchange theft were transferred on December 1, 2020, and April 14, 2021, with a total value of USD 704.8 million USD.

Recently, Prime Minister’s Chairs meet also raises questions about misleading cryptocurrency ads on TV claiming of high returns should be taken down.

Lets see what Bitcoin’s future holds for India but until then, stay connected to get more amazing updates on Twitter talks and news.

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