Aluna.Social Airdrop : Enhance Your Trading Performance


  • The Aluna.Social Airdrop is dropping up to 100,000 ALN to users who sign up and make a trade.
  • It is a multi exchange social trading platform for cryptocurrency traders.
  • This airdrop ends on 19th of September, 2021.
Alune Social Airdrop
Source : Aluna Social

What is Aluna.Social?

Aluna.Social  is a gamified trading social platform for cryptocurrency traders and investors. The project’s aims to address problems of transparency and trust present in trading of cryptocurrencies by creating a community of advanced traders who will interact and learn from each other.

Aluna.Social aims to create a platform where traders can use positive social feedback loops  and establish a trading community to improve transparency between traders by incentivising shared data, and improve their overall performance.

Aluna.Social combines an API trading terminal with a Social Network and gamification. Expert traders get rewarded financially whereas beginners can learn from the world’s best traders.

Alune.Social carries out these tasks by:

  1. One-stop Shop:  Users manage their trades through a single interface connected to exchange APIs as well as  analyse and monitor the market with the built-in screener tool and news feed. 
  2. Gamification: Aluna shows a collection of curated sentiment data based on innovative prediction gaming structures. 
  3. Transparency: Reliable traders can be identified by public profiles displaying verified trades and real time trades. Existing social media channels do not carry this proof ; this causes inexperienced traders to easily fall into the trap of following opinions without reliable track records.

Aluna.Social (ALN) can be traded on:

  1. Uniswap (V2)
  3. 1inch Exchange
Aluna.Social Airdrop
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Advantages of Aluna.Social

  1.  Aluna is completely non-custodial. Hence, users always remain in control of their funds.
  2. Aluna allows users to consume other traders’ opinions safely and give opinions themselves.
  3. Aluna allows users to  benefit from token rewards for participation and trading performance.  

Drawbacks of Aluna.Social

Aluna.Social consists of a limited number of integrated cryptocurrency exchanges.

Aluna.Social Airdrop
Source : Medium

About the Aluna Social Airdrop

Aluna Social (ALN) has planned yet another airdrop where users can win some ALN tokens for completing some easy social media tasks.

Aluna Social Airdropping a total of 100,000 ALN tokens. Furthermore, you can earn more ALN tokens by completing tasks to win Stars that will in turn result in you  receiving a bigger share of the Airdrop. They also have a referral program where you can get 200 Stars per referral.

  1. How to participate in this airdrop:
  2. Visit the Aluna.Social log in page.
  3. Submit your details and register.
  4. Complete verification and Log In
  5. Visit the airdrop page.
  6. Connect your Metamask wallet.
  7. Connect your BitMEX account.
  8. Trade at least $1,000 in volume on BitMEX.
  9. You will earn 1 star for every $1 of trading on BitMEX.
  10. The number of stars you collect is proportional to the share of the airdrop you will receive.
  11. Also, receive 500 stars for each referral who completes the required tasks.

As the crypto market  becomes larger, with newer and more innovative  blockchain platforms coming into existence, crypto investors and traders – both retail and professional – increasingly need one-stop-shop solutions like Aluna.Social to maximize their potential.

Participate in this Airdrop and benefit from the possibility of learning from the experienced traders and follow them in their moves through copy trading. Simultaneously,  professionals  enjoy the seamless trading experience across multiple exchanges while also earning token rewards for their participation on the platform.

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