AmFAR 2021: and Sasha Jafri create NFT history

Tonight, in the south of France, the 27th amFAR Gala was held at the Cannes film festival. When the cameras there started to light up the surroundings, another star was shining as bright as the sun that caught the eyes of the audience, Sacha Jafri. He is the second best-selling artist around the globe. This grand party hosted by Sharon Stone celebrated its 27th event. There, Alicia Keys gave a brilliant performance as her part to raise money and awareness for AIDS. The amFAR Gala is one of the most exciting nights that a lot of people expect to happen. However, this 27th film festival was rather small and more private than the previous events that happened. The COVID-19 protocols were needed to be followed properly which is why the exclusive guest list was narrowed down from 900 to 400 people.

What Happened In The Event?

After Alicia Keys gave her amazing performance, Sacha’s live painting was put up for the audience to see along with a presale of his public version of NFTs. Some of the buyers started to move back to their penthouse suites. That is when the auction started as it was the grand finale of the entire event.

Some of the major buyers already left the event. But, within the next 5 minutes, Sacha along with Billionaire philanthropist Javed Fiyaz who is the co-founder of sold more than 1,500 units of NFTs for 750,000 Euros that is almost $950,000 in less than a minute. Scott Fletcher is a tech Entrepreneur and Crypto investor who was also present at the event. He purchased all the 1,500 editions. He also took the winning bid for Sacha’s live painting for more than 1,000,000 Euros. Thus considering the overall gain, Sacha raised more than 1.75 million Euros. Out of that, 100% of the funds from the NFT sale and physical print will go to Aids and Covid 19 research.

A Great Achievement

Moreover, there is one very important thing to note in this NFT sale. This sale was in collaboration with Javed Fiyaz along with, his charity-focused NFT platform. This NFT sale outsold an Andy Warhol Mickey Mouse piece of art that rose whopping 375,000 Euros which is approximately $442,702. It also outsold a Chopard 18-karat white gold diamond as well as a Michael Kagan Astronaut. They were sold for 400,000 Euros ($472,215.60). Sacha in this event killed two birds with one stone. He took home with him the number one slot for the entire amount that was raised but this open edition NFT was just his pre-sale event. There is more to come.

This is set to be one of the greatest NFT launches this year. Fans of Sacha Jafri will be able to buy these NFTs starting from the 22nd of July to the 27th of July. The starting price of the NFTs for the first 30 mins will be 635.30 Euro. Then after that 1000 Euros per unit for the next one hour. The prices will continuously increase until the auction ends. 

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