Andrew Yang declares the Forward Party to be a “Crypto Party.”

Andrew Yang has disclosed his plans to turn his Forward Party into a Crypto Party, after establishing a new political party in the United States earlier this month. The 46-year-old former Democrat has frequently stated his support and optimism for the bitcoin space’s future. Yang stated the US must tackle the notion “intelligently” in the newest Bankless podcast. He also projected that the crypto sector will have a bright future. Yang is certain that these direct-pay crypto tokens will enable a fair distribution of universal basic income.

According to Yang, he has been attempting to raise crypto awareness among American legislators. He sees cryptocurrency as a force for growth, motivation, and a big source of employment.

“I genuinely want to turn the Forward Party into the Crypto Party.” Because I view the alignment as being very, very deep,” Yang explained on the podcast. “The similarities are so strong, where you have this system, say the political or financial system, and you see it failing in a variety of ways, and you think, ‘OK, maybe we can do better.'”

“I am a supporter and the Forward Party is my party until and unless a “better” crypto-positive candidate emerges,” one remark said.
“What a mix of #YangGang and Crypto,” said another.

Yang stated earlier this month that he is a huge fan of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general when he unveiled his new political enterprise, the “Forward Party.”
When Yang campaigned for mayor of New York a few months ago, he claimed that if elected, he would turn the city into a Bitcoin hub.

In November of this year, the former Democratic Party lawmaker published a comprehensive blog on how he would design national frameworks for the usage and regulation of cryptocurrencies. Yang was laying the groundwork for his presidential candidacy at the time.
In fact, Yang enabled fans to donate to his Presidential campaign in Bitcoin and Ethereum even in 2020.

In various regions of the world, the overall environment around the crypto-space is warming up.

With countries like India and the United States working on methods to regulate and possibly legalise the crypto-space, the total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies hit $2.5 trillion (approximately Rs. 1,87,42,625 crores) earlier this week, according to cryptocurrency tracker CoinMarketCap.

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