Anna Eshoo Wrote to Nancy Pelosi Urging to Amend Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill

The United States (US) representative Anna Eshoo wrote a letter to – the congresswoman and speaker in the Senate – Nancy Pelosi addressing the urge to make amends in the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill. 

Anna Eshoo Addressed Concerns Regarding the Infrastructure Bill

The United States representative congresswoman Anna Eshoo, based in California, declared last week that she is here “to fix potentially harmful language on cryptocurrency in a bipartisan infrastructure bill.”

Read- New Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill, US: More Tax on Cryptocurrency with Clearer Jurisdiction to get a clearer idea about the cryptocurrency aspect in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill.

Rep. Anna Eshoo wrote to Congress Speaker Nancy Pelosi explaining her concerns regarding the bipartisan infrastructure bill’s amendments inversely affecting cryptocurrency and innovation in the digital sector of finance in the nation. She wrote, “to express concern regarding the tax reporting requirements for cryptocurrency brokers in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, the bipartisan infrastructure legislation recently passed by the Senate.”

Later explaining the stance she mentioned, “The legislation uses a broad definition of ‘broker’ that could encompass miners, validators, and developers of wallets who are unable to comply with reporting requirements.”

Lawmakers addressing and protesting to regulate the cryptocurrencies market responsibly. Source: Bitcoinist

In the letter to Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Anna Eshoo penned down her opinion, “when the House takes up the Senate bill, I encourage you to amend the problematic broker definition in Section 80603 of the legislation.”

Eshoo also writes that “a bipartisan group of Senators offered an amendment to this effect that Secretary of Treasury Janet Yellen supported, however, the amendment was not included due to procedural concerns rather than substantive ones.”

Few senators in the House of Congress were adamant on the disapproval of the cryptocurrency space in the bipartisan infrastructure bill. Such as, Senator Patrick Toomey described the bill as “unworkable”. Many other senators who were against the massive tax collection provision were made similar statements- from anyone who facilitated the trading of cryptocurrency or any other digital assets. The language used in the Bill created the ruckus. Ted Cruz opined, “This infrastructure bill has in it a portion that is designed to obliterate crypto. That would be a tragic mistake.”

In response to the bipartisan infrastructure bill, Mr. Patrick Toomey, Mr. Warner, Ms. Lummis, Ms. Sinema, and Mr. Portman proposed an official amendment to the bill. Which is, “To revise the clarification of the definition of a broker for purposes of certain reporting requirements under the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, and other purposes.”

The nation of the US waits for the House Of Representatives to approve the draft with the amendment inserted. The wait will extend till the recess is over, that is, till September 20th, 2021.

However, the amendment was not passed by the Senate as Senator Richard Shelby from Alabama expressed his disapproval just because his amendment was not accepted by the House. 

As soon as the amendment failed to pass the majority in the Senate, four-member from the House of Representatives -Tom Emmer, Darren Soto, David Schwikert, and Bill Foster- wrote a letter to each member of the committee they belong to. The letters were an effort to press the urgency and necessity to pass the amendment. 

“The House must consider amendments to this provision that exempt entities that don’t conduct crypto transactions and keep blockchain software development, cryptocurrency mining, and more in the United States,” Addressed to Nancy Pelosi by Anna Eshoo.

Anna Eshoo Made Her Protest Public on Twitter


Anna Eshoo took the matter to Twitter, and posted a caption “Today I urged Speaker Pelosi to amend the cryptocurrency broker language in the Senate’s infrastructure bill.”  She adds to this the hashtag “#DontKillCrypto”.

Rep. Eshoo also replies to her post and explains, “While we should address tax evasion, the House must amend the bill to meet this goal without stifling innovation in a nascent industry by imposing unworkable regulations.”

To this, a thread of comments follows where people were twitting in affirmatives and thanking Rep. Anna Eshoo for her efforts. One of the comments twits wrote, “Thank you! Folded hands We don’t want to be like China by having the gov pick who wins and losses in new global technology. All #blockchain is important. Please regulate #crypto responsibly.”

I think, in the procedure to regulate the volatile market, regulations must be the priority of the US lawmakers and not think of gaining profits for their civil “infrastructure”. Financial development goes hand-in-hand and its provisions will reflect in the countries allied with the US. So, they must be responsible.

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