Anthony Hopkin’s Film “Zero Contact” To Be Premiere At An NFT Marketplace

Anthony Hopkins (The Father) will premiere Enderby Entertainment’s Zero Contact (formerly 92) token on the Vuele new global distribution and viewing platform.

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Vuele, the recently created direct-to-consumer NFT viewing and distribution platform, has made its first feature film acquisition. On the NFTs platform, users are able to own, collection, collection and sell (as consumers with physical discs for example) exclusive, limited-edition film and collector content on the platform. Vuele is the first film viewing and distribution platform direct-to-consumer to deliver feature films and digital content collectible as NFTs.

Anthony Hopkins, a renowned actor who has won two Oscars, is now entering the non-fungible tokens (NFT) market. His latest film, “Zero Contact,” will be released as an NFT, and will be available on the Vuele NFT marketplace around the end of next month.

Producer, Rick Dugdale said that “Everything about this film is unconventional, from the way we shot the film using Zoom and remote production to its distribution on the first global NFT platform,” He added further, “We’re thrilled to bring a film of this magnitude with the star power of Anthony Hopkins as our first release on Vuele.”

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About The Film

Zero Contact is a virtual reality film set in 17 distinct countries during the global pandemic of 2020. It follows five protagonists from all over the world who are only linked by their love for the late creator and tech tycoon Finley Hart (Hopkins). They are compelled to work together to shut down Hart’s most dangerous invention, a machine that might either solve humanity’s problems or spell the end of life on Earth.

For ‘Project Zero,’ a total of five NFTs will be released. NFTs have been chosen by the team producers because the underlying technology allows for a verified scarcity of the film’s copies while also providing protection against piracy.

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