Approximately 76% of Bitcoin’s current supply is said to be ‘illiquid,’ indicating a holding pattern between buyers.


  1. Only 24% of Bitcoin’s current supply is liquid.
  2. Bitcoins began to migrate to unstable lockers in December.
  3. Bitcoin owners would not like to lose their assets.

The leftover 24% of the Bitcoin quantity has yet to be emptied, which implies it is still being exchanged and paid through live accounts.

The crypto industry had a successful year in 2021, with Bitcoin being the ruling monarch of the price movements. According to a recent analysis from analytics firm Glassnode, 76 percent of Bitcoin’s total supply is presently illiquid, meaning it is being transferred into accounts with no record of expenditure.

Satoshi Nakamoto, the enigmatic Bitcoin creator, has set a limit of 21 million Bitcoin tokens that may be mined. According to CoinMarketCap, 18.9 million Bitcoins have indeed been created and are now in circulation.

“We can observe that, even when prices stabilised in the last months of 2021, there was an escalation of coins from fluid to illiquid wallets,” Glassnode wrote in its research.

The remaining 24% of the Bitcoin total is currently in liquidated circulation, coming from accounts that are actively spending or exchanging their holdings.

Bitcoin is held in 40,049,185 crypto wallets, according to CoinMarketCap. 963,625 of these are functional accounts.

According to the Glassnode analysis, Bitcoin buyers are more concerned with retaining and amassing tokens than with using them. Bitcoin investors are definitely anticipating a large return on their investments in the coming days.

“The movement of bitcoin from liquid to illiquid wallets has accelerated.” Coins transferred to progressively illiquid wallets at a pace at around 50,000 and 100,000 Bitcoins each month from January to December, indicating a larger chance of broader accumulation, according to the data.

Every Bitcoin token cost $0.0008 (approximately Rs. 0.060) in 2009, a fraction of what it costs now.

It’s also worth noting that Satoshi Nakamoto, the alias for Bitcoin’s creator, has 1,125,150 Bitcoin coins in a dormant wallet valued over $66 billion (roughly Rs. 4,96,814 crore).

Even if 90% of Bitcoin’s pre-determined 21 million coins have been generated, it will require 120 years for the other 10% to enter the circulating supply, according to a research published in December.

The “Bitcoin halving” method has been identified as the cause of the lengthy time necessary to introduce all Bitcoin coins to the market.

Bitcoin’s present market valuation is $2,231,353,914,105. (roughly Rs. 1,66,16,892 crore).

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