AltSignals Token Presale Surpasses $750k Mark

Tanya Sharma
Tanya Sharma
Published on May 24, 2023 01:37 PM

As the Altsignal presale has reached the $750k milestone and continues to support its 52,000 customers who will soon be the first cohort to test the new AI

AltSignals Token Presale Surpasses $750k Mark
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AltSignals (ASI), a trailblazing supplier of AI-powered trading signals, has accomplished a significant milestone with more than $750k raised during its token presale.

The ASI coin attracted a lot of interest during the presale process and still has a lot of room to expand. 

Stage 1's pricing is currently $0.015, while the next second stage will see a 25% hike to $0.01875. The value is anticipated to increase by 52% from the present price to $0.02274 at the conclusion of the presale.

AltSignals, headed by CEO Rod Phim, celebrates this accomplishment and emphasises the faith that investors have displayed. Phim highlights the effects that AI is having across a range of industries and explains how AltSignals uses this cutting-edge technology to deliver world-class service. 

The success of the presale aligns perfectly with the ongoing product development efforts.

“ActualizeAI” the new AI layer scans the market 24/7

The launch of AltSignals' new AI layer, ActualizeAI, is a huge advancement. 

This cutting-edge system persistently monitors the markets around the clock, providing real-time trading chances and insights that improve the current signal generation systems. 

With the inclusion of new information, AltSignals hopes to increase the precision of its trading signals and the dependability of its service over time.

Since 2017, AltSignals has been a dependable source of algorithm-based indicators and signals, and it already has a commendable 52,000 users.

A remarkable average rating of 4.9/5 across almost 500 reviews on Trustpilot further attests to the strength and transparency of their service. 

AltSignals is concentrating on creating trading goals, strategies, and risk assessments and integrating them into its AI infrastructure in order to build on these successes. This method serves a wide variety of consumers who participate in both traditional and digital asset markets.

AltSignals' user base will have the privilege of being the first to test the capabilities of the new AI layer. 

The team's confidence has grown significantly during the ASI token presale, fostering a positive outlook within digital asset communities regarding the future of the token.

Rod Phim expresses his hope that 

“Surpassing the $750k milestone will attract more potential investors, highlighting AltSignals' proven track record of success in the highly competitive market over the past five years.”

Wrapping Up

Pre-sale investment for the AltSignals ASI cryptocurrency has reached a remarkable milestone of over $750k. 

AltSignals intends to improve the accuracy of their trading signals and offer priceless indicators to stay ahead in the markets with the launch of ActualizeAI, a cutting-edge AI layer. 

The sizeable user base and rising trust in AltSignals position the business for long-term expansion and success in the cryptocurrency trading sector.


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