Binance NFT Ends Supports for Polygon and Sandbox

Tanya Sharma
Tanya Sharma Published on September 09, 2023 06:51 PM

Binance NFT has announced the termination of The Sandbox NFT Staking Program as well as the withdrawal of Polygon Network support.

Binance NFT Ends Supports for Polygon and Sandbox
Source: Reddit

Binance NFT, the leading marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), has recently announced a series of significant updates, demonstrating their commitment to refining their product offerings. These changes, set to take effect on September 26, are poised to reshape the platform's landscape.

End of The Sandbox NFT Staking Program

One of the most notable adjustments is the discontinuation of The Sandbox NFT Staking Program, which was initially introduced in April of this year. This means that users will no longer have the option to stake their valuable LAND NFTs hosted on the Polygon Network in exchange for daily rewards in The Sandbox (SAND) tokens.


All LAND NFTs currently staked on the platform will be automatically unstaked by September 27, with the respective assets promptly returned to users' Binance accounts. Moreover, the final round of daily SAND rewards will be seamlessly credited to users' Spot wallets by the end of this month.

Farewell to Polygon Network Support

In addition to bidding adieu to The Sandbox NFT Staking Program, Binance NFT is also set to terminate its support for the Polygon Network. This strategic move implies that users will no longer have the ability to engage in activities such as buying, depositing, offering, or listing NFTs from the Polygon Network on the platform's marketplace.

All existing listings associated with the Polygon Network will be automatically nullified on the specified date and time.

The exchange has thoughtfully advised users to initiate the withdrawal of their NFTs via the Polygon Network from its marketplace before the onset of January 2024, ensuring a smooth transition for all parties involved.

A Glimpse into Binance's Strategic Evolution

These pivotal alterations come amidst a broader initiative by Binance to streamline its product offerings on the NFT Marketplace. The decision to discontinue support for Polygon on the platform aligns with the exchange's commitment to adapt and refine its services in response to evolving market dynamics.

Binance CEO, Changepeng Zhao, recently addressed speculations regarding the company's operational status, emphasizing that they are actively engaged in a controlled and organized phase-out of older products. This move underscores Binance's dedication to maintaining a lean and efficient product ecosystem.

Bottom Line

Binance NFT's latest developments mark a significant milestone in the evolution of the NFT marketplace. By discontinuing The Sandbox NFT Staking Program and withdrawing support for the Polygon Network, Binance is strategically positioning itself for future growth and innovation.

Users are encouraged to stay informed and take the necessary steps to adapt to these changes, ensuring a seamless transition in their NFT endeavors.




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