BitBoyCrypto Announced New Roadmap for $BEN, $LOYAL and $PSYOP

Pathik Bhattacharya
Pathik Bhattacharya Published on May 30, 2023 07:56 PM

BitBoyCrypto took it to Twitter to announce the recent developments in Ben coin, PSYOP and the recently launched Loyal token.

BitBoyCrypto New Roadmap for $BEN, $LOYAL and $PSYOP
Source: Twitter

BitBoyCrypto, one of the most famous personalities in the crypto world is making waves again. The three memecoins love triangle made by Ben.eth between Ben Coin, PSYOP and the recently launched Loyal Token is again in the mainstream crypto headlines. 

BEN Coin (BEN), Loyal Token (LOYAL), and PSYOP have all carved out their own niches in the meme coin market, attracting attention with their own stories, aspirations, and ambitions.

The three community-driven tokens are again in the spotlight as BitBoyCrypto again shared some insightful news about the development of the three memecoins. Let's see What's fuelling up the memecoin market at the present moment.

Development of PsyDEX will Help $BEN, $LOYAL and $PSYOP Holders

The cryptocurrency influencer Ben Armstrong (@Bitboy_Crypto), has announced a series of innovative developments that are likely to transform the decentralised exchange (DEX) environment and boost crypto adoption.

The $LOYAL token will power PsyDex, a new Memecoin Launchpad. This revolutionary platform aspires to challenge Uniswap's dominance in the DEX game by reinstating the genuine spirit of decentralisation.

With the launch of PsyDex, the DEX market will be revitalised, providing consumers with an alternative to established platforms. The idea is to provide a level playing field for crypto enthusiasts.

@eth_ben, a well-known Ethereum expert, will outline the particular benefits that $PSYOP holders can expect as part of this transformative endeavour.

In addition to the $LOYAL, Armstrong released the $BEN Coin. This coin is expected to play an important part in the PsyDex ecosystem, with intriguing features to be released soon.

Further Development in LOYAL Token

Airdrops for $BEN holders: Every week, an amazing 25% of $LOYAL's liquidity pool (LP) revenues will be airdropped to $BEN Coin holders. This encourages involvement and rewards, ardent supporters.

Crypto Adoption efforts: In order to increase crypto adoption, 25% of $LOYAL's LP revenues will be used to finance various adoption efforts. These activities will be carried out using $BEN Coin, which will bring value to the Ethereum ecosystem.

Secure Liquidity on Unicrypt: To protect the security of funds, $LOYAL liquidity will be stored on the trusted Unicrypt platform. The protection of user investments is prioritised in this strategy.

Rug-Proof Crowdfunding: The Memecoin Launchpad from PsyDex provides a rug-proof crowdfunding method. This ingenious feature locks a fraction of money for liquidity, protecting players from rug pulls.

Other developments will be proceeded after the token launch as per BitBoyCrypto stated in his new youtube video.

Ben Coin Hits $100 Mn Market Cap

Ben Coin, created by ben.eth, currently serves no purpose. It's a classic meme coin in every way, and it was developed to honour folks named 'Ben.' The coin had a rocky start, with Ben Armstrong promising not to sell his tokens for six months before breaking his word. However, the YouTube sensation has hinted that, a cryptocurrency gambling platform, may sponsor the $BEN token in the future.

The project's market valuation has surpassed $100 million and it is still climbing the ranks. The success of currencies like this demonstrates how powerful social media is in the crypto ecosystem, for better or worse.

Ben (BEN) is currently trading at $0.000000122775 with a 24-hour trading volume of $9,852,924. This indicates a -20.44% drop in the last 24 hours and a -5.96% drop in the previous 7 days. Ben has a market cap of $51,601,386 with a circulating supply of 420 Trillion BEN.

Looking at the chart, Ben coin is making a declining channel pattern. At this moment, the prices are experiencing a bearish move from early investors getting away from the market as the number of holders is also dropping significantly.

Additionally, the 20-day EMA  is above the current trading price which confirms the bearish outlook. If bulls enter the market, the top of the pattern could be retested.

ben coin price chart

Source: | TradingView


In conclusion, the tokens made by Ben.eth recently, also captured many crypto lawyer's and analyst's attention as the projects are looking more at Rug-pulls. Crypto Tony, a well-known influencer, gave a severe warning regarding a pre-sale initiative led by cryptocurrency sensation Ben Armstrong.

This FUD created havoc in the industry and led to a massive sell-off of Ben's coin. However, despite many allegations, Ben coin's trading is still continuing. DYOR before investing in the crypto market

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