China Paves the Way for a Regulated Metaverse

Tanya Sharma
Tanya Sharma Published on September 19, 2023 10:03 PM

In a groundbreaking move, China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) has embarked on a mission to establish standards for the metaverse.

China Paves the Way for a Regulated Metaverse
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The term "metaverse" is popular, but what it exactly means is still a bit fuzzy. China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) wants to bring some order to this digital world.

They're worried about privacy, digital identity issues, and online problems, so they're taking steps to make things clearer.

To spearhead this monumental endeavour, the MIIT is assembling a diverse working group comprising experts from enterprises, research institutes, universities, and individuals intimately acquainted with the metaverse.

Their mandate encompasses critical areas of focus:

Making Basic Rules

  1. Clear Language and Frameworks: They'll create a common way to talk about and understand the metaverse.

  2. Important Tech Rules: This includes things like how we prove who we are in the metaverse, making stuff in the virtual world, and making sure things work well together.

Industrial Metaverse: Catalyzing Transformation

Foremost among the group's priorities is the development of metaverse standards tailored specifically to industrial manufacturing.

The MIIT has underscored that the industrial metaverse will revolutionize the manufacturing sector, positioning it as a linchpin of the new industrialization era.

Three Years of Metaverse Pioneering

The MIIT's proclamation is part of a sweeping three-year vision for the metaverse.

Identifying the metaverse as a pivotal sector for global leadership, the establishment of standards emerges as a central endeavour.

This vision seamlessly aligns with China's strategic aspiration of sculpting the future of technology.

Action Plan

Alongside the endeavour to set metaverse standards, the MIIT has outlined a comprehensive action plan:

  1. Enhancing the Industrial Standard System: By fortifying the bedrock of standards, China aims to provide a robust scaffold for the metaverse's expansion.

  2. Boosting Innovation Support Capabilities: Cultivating innovation within the metaverse ecosystem is critical in propelling sustainable growth and technological advancement.

  3. Building First-Class Infrastructure: A dependable and efficient infrastructure forms the bedrock of the metaverse's seamless operation.

Shaping a Clearer Future

China is taking a strong step in making the metaverse a well-organized place.

By setting clear rules, the MIIT wants to make sure the metaverse grows in a good way. 

They're also excited about how it can change industries. 

As the metaverse keeps growing, China's role in steering its path is going to be really important.

This sets the stage for a future where the virtual and physical worlds work together seamlessly.




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