DogeMiyagi Making Hype, Another Memecoin to Join Pepe and FLOKI?

Pathik Bhattacharya
Pathik Bhattacharya
Published on May 18, 2023 09:52 PM

DogeMiyagi gains momentum with multi-level referral program, meme-centric approach, and high-profile partnerships.

DogeMiyagi Making Hype
Source: Twitter

DogeMiyagi is another memecoin currently creating buzz over the crypto market. The innovative usage of a referral mechanism separates DogeMiyagi from other cryptocurrencies. Users may earn more tokens by referring their friends and acquaintances to the DogeMiyagi community. DogeMiyagi rewards users for actively promoting the coin by using the power of word-of-mouth marketing, resulting in a vibrant and engaged community.

DogeMiyagi (MIYAGI) combines dog memes with Karate Kid to create a unique combination that appeals to a wide spectrum of individuals. With the additional exposure provided by these high-profile collaborations, this meme coin is poised to gain even more traction and broaden its reach.

Let's see how the tokenomics will flourish in the DogeMiyagi Presales.

DogeMiyagi Tokenomics

Token Burn Stages:

Burn Stage Token Burned Release Date
Burn 1 2,206,198,400,000 22/06/1984
Burn 2 2,006,198,600,000 20/06/1986
Burn 3 3,006,198,900,000 30/06/1989
Burn 4 1,208,199,400,000 12/08/1994
Burn 5 1,706,201,000,000 17/06/2010

Token Distribution:

Token Name Ticker Total Supply Max Supply After Burn Presale Supply
DogeMiyagi $MIYAGI 96,192,515,112,011 9,518,812,011 5,711,287,206

Presale Allocation:

Presale Allocation Percentage
Exchange 24%
Team 5%
Locked for 2 years 5%
Marketing (locked 1 yr) 6%
Referral Program To be determined

Please keep in mind that the Referral Programme allotment is not included in the presented information. It is stated as "To be determined." To complete the table, you may need to indicate the allocation % for the referral programme.

Will DogeMiyagi Surge More Than PEPE and WOJAK?

 As Doge Miyagi is very new to the crypto market, it's not listed in any DEX or CEX making it unavailable to daily traders and investors. However, the project has a very unique structure compared to other recent memecoins as it promises to give utility to the token as many memecoins are lacking it currently.

Even without the token listing, DogeMiyagi is currently trending on Twitter which confirms that the social sentiment is positive. The Presale round has been started and announced on Twitter.

The price set for the Presale round 1 is $0.0006USDT and the platform claims the value will rise after each Phase. The roadmap for DogeMiyagi Follows the following flow:

Phase 1:

  • Launch a captivating and user-friendly website to introduce DogeMiyagi to the world.
  • Conduct a thorough smart contract audit to ensure the highest level of security for investors.
  • Release a comprehensive whitepaper that outlines DogeMiyagi's vision, goals, and technology.
  • Lock marketing and team tokens, instilling confidence in the community and demonstrating a commitment to transparency and long-term success.

Phase 2:

  • Launch the highly anticipated Deogemiyagi Presale, giving early supporters an opportunity to acquire tokens and join the community.
  • Update Etherscan logo, social media profiles, and project information, enhancing DogeMiyagi's brand visibility and recognition.
  • Secure listings on prominent platforms such as CoinMarketCap (CMC) and CoinGecko (CG), expanding the project's reach and attracting a wider audience.
  • Initiate token burns to reduce the token supply, increasing scarcity and potentially boosting the value of DogeMiyagi tokens.

Phase 3:

  • Complete all burn phases, except for the final burn, strategically reducing the token supply and driving token value appreciation.
  • Develop a comprehensive plan for listing on additional exchanges and execute a targeted marketing push to attract new investors and expand the project's ecosystem.
  • Leverage the power of social media platforms to engage with the community, initiate strategic partnerships, and further enhance DogeMiyagi's brand presence.
  • Commence designs for Dogemiyagi merchandise, providing supporters with a unique way to showcase their involvement and strengthen the project's identity.

Phase 4:

  • Perform the final burn of tokens, solidifying DogeMiyagi's commitment to token scarcity and value preservation.
  • Launch DogeMiyagi on Uniswap, a decentralized exchange, ensuring liquidity and accessibility for token holders.
  • Pursue token listings on centralized exchanges, increasing the project's exposure and facilitating broader market participation.
  • Explore the exciting realm of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) by initiating NFT designs, tapping into the growing market of digital collectables and expanding the DogeMiyagi ecosystem.


The DogeMiyagi coin is still in its early phase and there's a long way to go for the token to compete with top memecoins. The project looks promising and even without less marketing, the token is slipping around the crypto market. The social sentiment is also positive and even without much followers, DogeMiyagi got a verified profile on Twitter.

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