French Government to Regulate the New Metaverse Core Structure

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    Updated on January 26, 2023 11:59 AM

    Published on October 26, 2022 08:01 AM

    The State intends to release public funding to promote the rise of French players in accordance with a study created by three experts.

    French Government to Regulate the New Metaverse Core Structure

    French authorities commissioned a report on the many metaverse options that might be used, and it was made public on Monday. The report attempted to define the metaverse and provided a variety of applications for the technology in society.

    The Briefing of the Report

    Starting off, the paper makes an effort to define the term by outlining some of its key attributes. According to the paper, a metaverse is a user-shared, three-dimensional, immersive virtual reality. It also stressed how important it is for these worlds to continue even when users are not around.

    The capitalised term "Metaverse," which is also often used and sometimes used interchangeably, was the subject of some confusion in the French study.

    It describes the phrase "with a capital M" as being more of an abstract idea that describes the guiding principles used to build genuine metaverse places.

    The majority of the people the report surveyed during its investigation mentioned that they were aware of Facebook's rebranding as Meta Platforms. The change was made by CEO Mark Zuckerberg early this year in an effort to refocus the business on cutting-edge technologies.

    Metaverse Future and Handling

    The paper asserted that, in order for the metaverse to be successfully implemented in society, it would be necessary to undermine the image that it was projected to have.

    The report stated that it was crucial to "question with suspicion the limiting and restrictive visions held by others, whether by private actors like Meta/Facebook or by foreign public powers, such as China and South Korea, as these visions could shape our imagination and have an impact on our daily lives."

    In addition to Meta, other Silicon Valley firms have also proposed methods for pursuing the future of immersive technologies, albeit in somewhat different ways. The majority of these market companies, according to the research, are designing their applications for a more sophisticated audience.

    Metaverse in Public’s Interest

    The report advised public agencies to use the approach taken toward the Internet as a model. These include the design and adherence to specific globally recognized standards as well as the development of open protocols.

    The research suggests "interoperable bricks" be used to build the metaverse in order for public bodies to provide common and needed services.

    Essentially, this means that various entities should create their own metaverse applications that could be easily integrated with one another. The article featured the creation of geographic datasets for immersive applications by France's National Institute for Geographic and Forest Information (IGN).

    However, despite the report's warnings about huge corporate entities dominating the metaverse, a letter published yesterday expresses unhappiness. Zuckerberg was essentially informed by Brad Gerstner of Altimeter Capital that the investors have not supported his wager.