Google's Revised Advertising Policy For NFT Games

Tanya Sharma
Tanya Sharma Published on September 07, 2023 06:52 PM

Google's updated policy showcases the company's dedication to responsible gaming and the thoughtful integration of NFTs in the gaming industry.

Google's Revised Advertising Policy For NFT Games
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In a significant move, Google has updated its advertising policy to allow the promotion of blockchain video games incorporating Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

This policy, set to take effect on September 15, reflects the tech giant's progressive stance towards the burgeoning world of blockchain and NFT-based gaming.

However, it comes with a set of carefully considered limitations.

Under the revised policy, advertisers are now permitted to market games that feature in-game items, such as cosmetics or weapons, as NFTs.

This is a commendable step forward in acknowledging the growing popularity and economic significance of NFTs within the gaming industry.

Google Safeguarding Against Gambling Mechanisms

However, Google's policy update also includes strict prohibitions.

Notably, any game where players can "wager or stake NFTs in exchange for the opportunity to win anything of real-world value" is not eligible for advertising on the platform. 

This cautious approach demonstrates Google's commitment to responsible gaming practices and mitigating potential risks associated with crypto gambling.

Additionally, "social casino games" that distribute NFTs to users and games involving "real money gambling" are excluded from running ads.

This shows Google's dedication to maintaining a safe and secure advertising environment for users.

Staking and Locking Of Crypto

Moreover, games allowing users to stake or "lock up" their crypto or NFTs for incremental crypto gains are also subject to the new policy.

These additional restrictions show that Google emphasises responsible usage of crypto assets.

This development follows Google's earlier update in July, which permitted Android developers to incorporate NFTs into their games, provided they do not involve gambling mechanics.

The ban on selling NFT "bundles" through mechanisms like gacha or loot boxes further underlines Google's commitment to safeguarding users from potential exploitative practices.

Google's Restriction for Gambling Elements

Notably, games incorporating elements that Google defines as "gambling" will face heightened scrutiny. 

These games will necessitate acquiring gambling licenses or certification through Google's gambling application process. 

This requirement demonstrates a clear intent to protect users and uphold industry standards.

Striking a balance between innovation and regulation, this move signifies Google's commitment to fostering a responsible and secure ecosystem for cryptocurrency gaming.




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