How to Add BNB Smart Chain (BSC) to MetaMask

    Simar Marwaha
    Simar Marwaha

    Updated on January 28, 2023 12:55 PM

    Published on January 28, 2023 12:55 PM

    In this article, we will look at how to add Binance Smart Chain to MetaMask in four simple steps for integrating MetaMask with BSC.

    How to Add BNB Smart Chain (BSC) to MetaMask
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    Binance is a well-known name in the cryptocurrency sector. However, most people are unaware that in addition to trading, Binance also has a division that is actively engaged in managing apps that use smart contracts.

    Binance Chain and Binance Smart Chains (BSC) are the two divisions of Binance, respectively. Binance Smart Chain, which is comparable to Ethereum's ERC20, may host BEP20 tokens like $CAKE or $BAKE.

    Binance Smart Chain was once known as BNB Smart Chain, and it continues to go by the acronym BSC. Because of its inexpensive gas prices and quick settlement times, it has garnered substantial market momentum as an Ethereum substitute and is presently the second-largest smart contract network behind Ethereum. Additionally, it supports NFTs and other DeFi use cases with its EVM and smart contract functionalities.

    In essence, MetaMask is a cryptocurrency wallet that connects to the Ethereum network. MetaMask is compatible with Ethereum-based tokens like ERC20, 721, and others.

    Although its primary usage is to interact with the Ethereum blockchain, MetaMask may also be connected to the Binance Smart Chain, allowing you to conduct BNB transactions using MetaMask. BNB may be exchanged for other tokens on decentralized exchanges in addition to this transaction.

    In this article, we'll cover how to add Binance Smart Chain to MetaMask for seamless BNB transactions.

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    How to Add Binance Smart Chain to MetaMask: Step-by-Step

    Here are four simple steps for integrating MetaMask with Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

    Installing MetaMask and creating a wallet

    The first thing to do if you don't have a wallet is to download and install the MetaMask Chrome extension.

    • Click "Download Now" on the official Metamask website while Chrome is open.
    • Choose "Install MetaMask on Chrome" on the download page.
    • After installation, you'll be given the choice to "Import Wallet" or "Create A Wallet" and asked whether you're "New to MetaMask?"
    • If you're using MetaMask for the first time, select "Create A Wallet"; otherwise, select "Import Wallet" to enter your secret recovery phrase.
    • If you choose the first option, you will receive a recovery phrase that you may use to log into your MetaMask wallet. The final step in creating a wallet will be to verify this recovery phrase.

    Configuring Your Wallet

    MetaMask is used to connect to the Ethereum blockchain. However, specific parameters must be altered to have MetaMask concentrate on the Binance Smart Chain network's nodes in order to link it to the DApps on the Binance Smart Chain.

    • Select "Network" from the Settings screen.
    • Click "Install Network" in the top-right corner to manually add Binance Smart Chain (BSC).
    • The testnet and mainnet of the Smart Chain may now be used.

    Binance Smart Chain Network

    Last but not least, you'll see the BNB icon next to your BNB balance. In the top-right area, a dropdown menu for "Smart Chain" will be shown. You've therefore linked MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

    Simply choose the "Smart Chain" option and "Ethereum Mainnet" when you wish to reconnect it to the Ethereum network.

    Adding Money to Your Wallet

    It's time to conduct transactions using the MetaMask wallet now that we know how to add the Binance smart chain to the wallet.

    • Obtain and copy the token's contract address.
    • When you click on the address, you'll instantly be taken to the BSCScan page, where you can copy the contact information.
    • Open MetaMask once more and select "Add Token."
    • Select "Next" after pasting the copied contract address into your MetaMask.
    • Finish by selecting "Add Token."

    Advantages of Linking Metamask and Binance Smart Chain

    Here are some of the many benefits of integrating MetaMask with BSC:

    1. You provide yourself the opportunity to access, discover, and utilize all DApps on BSC by connecting the two platforms.
    2. It is now simpler and more seamless to transfer ETH, BNB, and other currencies to the Metamask wallet.
    3. One of the safest wallets, MetaMask provides secured user data, which improves asset control.

    Binance Smart Chain-MetaMask FAQs

    How do I add a Binance Smart Chain network to MetaMask wallet?

    The four simple steps to link MetaMask to BSC are listed below.
    Step 1: Install MetaMask and create your wallet.
    Step 2: Configuring your wallet.
    Step 3: Binance Smart Chain Network.
    Step 4: Load Your Wallet With Money.

    Is BSC wallet same as BNB?

    In order to separate the blockchain from the primary exchange, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) was later renamed BNB Smart Chain (still BSC). The compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) of BNB Smart Chain is a crucial aspect.