Magic Eden Welcomes Solana's Affordable NFTs

Tanya Sharma
Tanya Sharma Published on September 16, 2023 09:29 PM

Magic Eden, a popular NFT marketplace, has some exciting news. They're now supporting Solana's special NFTs, which are easier on the wallet.

Magic Eden Welcomes Solana's Affordable NFTs
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NFTs, or Nonfungible Tokens, have stormed the digital realm, revolutionizing ownership of digital collectables.

Magic Eden, a prominent NFT marketplace, has now taken a giant leap forward by embracing Solana's compressed NFTs (cNFTs), a move set to reshape the landscape of digital collectables.

Making NFTs Easier

  • What's Special About These NFTs? Magic Eden is introducing Solana's compressed NFTs (cNFTs). These NFTs store information in a smaller space, which means making lots of them is much cheaper. It's like a sale for digital collectables!

  • Who Benefits from This? People in gaming, music, events, and virtual worlds will really love this. It makes creating large collections affordable. So, artists and creators can share their work with even more people.

  • NFTs for Everyone: Magic Eden wants everyone to have a chance to own NFTs. By lowering the cost, they're making it easy for new collectors to jump in without worrying about spending too much. It's like a friendly invitation to the NFT world.


Solana's Redefined NFT Dynamics

Solana's clever technology lets us make up to a million NFTs for only $110. This is a game-changer compared to the high costs on other platforms. It's like getting a great deal on something you love.

By minimizing the costs associated with NFT production, Magic Eden aims to democratize access to the world of collecting NFTs. It serves as an accessible entry point for newcomers to explore the NFT space without the financial risk that often accompanies such endeavours.

cNFTs are underpinned by Solana's state compression feature, a technological marvel that empowers the minting of up to 1 million NFTs at an approximate cost of $110. This stands in stark contrast to Ethereum's NFT minting fees, which can range from $2.9 to over $30 per NFT. The cost differential is nothing short of revolutionary.

However, when storing NFTs off the blockchain, it is critical to exercise caution. An occurrence in 2022 involving NFTs kept on the FTX platform, which experienced troubles owing to bankruptcy, serves as a reminder to preserve the safety and value of your NFT assets.


Magic Eden's support for Solana's cNFTs is a big step forward. It means more people can own digital collectables without breaking the bank. It's like opening a door to a bigger, friendlier NFT world. While there are some things to watch out for, the possibilities are really exciting.




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