'Moving America Forward' national crypto campaign to launch on Coinbase

Simar Marwaha
Simar Marwaha
Published on May 23, 2023 03:04 PM

Participants in this event will lobby their respective members of Congress for "crypto-friendly policies" on July 19 in Washington, D.C.

'Moving America Forward' national crypto campaign to launch on Coinbase
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The American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is launching yet another nationwide advertising campaign in the country that emphasizes the "critical" part that cryptocurrencies will play in the modernization of the world's financial system.

The company detailed its strategy for its new "Moving America Forward" campaign in a blog post on May 22. The campaign will launch with a series of four different TV commercials starring Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong. The commercials will primarily air during "popular Sunday shows" on American TV, with some also airing during commercial breaks of the NBA Finals series.

'Moving America Forward' national crypto campaign will launch on Coinbase

Another national advertising campaign highlighting the "critical" role cryptocurrencies will play in the transformation of the global financial system is being launched by the American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase.

In a blog post published on May 22, the firm described the idea behind its new "Moving America Forward" campaign. Four distinct TV spots showcasing Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong will introduce the initiative. The advertisements will largely run during "popular Sunday shows" on American television, while some may also run during commercial breaks of the NBA Finals.

"Coinbase is launching Crypto: Moving America Forward, a national campaign to explain crypto's critical role as an underlying technology that will update the global financial system," the business said.

The firm wants to emphasize that the U.S. "global economic leadership and national security are at risk if the U.S. cedes its role in developing technology that will be crucial to the world's financial infrastructure." The campaign will also concentrate on the adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain abroad, in nations like China.

Four commercials, with four different premiere dates, are named The History of Money Initiative, Stand With Crypto Day, Real People Using Crypto for Real Needs, and The State of Crypto Summit.

The History of Money Initiative's marketing campaign "explores the historical timeline of currency, from goats in 10,000 BC to cryptocurrencies today," and it will also include a Wall Street wallscape campaign "visually documenting the historian's work" and a "armoured money truck turned mobile-billboard."

The firm's forthcoming lobbying-focused event will be promoted by the Stand With Crypto Day ad.

This event will be held on July 19 in Washington, D.C., where participants will advocate for "crypto-friendly policies with their respective members of Congress."

Real individuals Using Crypto for Real Needs and The State of Crypto Summit, the final two advertisements, will discuss how individuals are using cryptocurrency to "pursue economic freedom" and will promote another Coinbase event that will be hosted in New York City on June 22. The newest advertisement builds on a similar one that Coinbase ran this year with the same theme—using cryptocurrencies to modernize banking technology.

The company broadcast an advertisement during the NFL Super Bowl in February that had a scannable QR code that directed viewers to a promotional BTC giveaway website and the company also launched an advertisement on YouTube titled "It's Time to Update the Financial System" in March.  Additionally, the company has increased its lobbying operations.

Global Advisory Council, which is comprised of a number of former US legislators and business executives, was established by the company on May 12. To manage the "increasingly complex and evolving" crypto ecosystem on a worldwide scale is the group's goal.

While it also started a grassroots political campaign in the United States in February called "#Crypto435" with the aim of amplifying the voices of cryptocurrency users in all 435 congressional districts.

According to Google Finance, the price of Coinbase Global Inc. shares at the time of writing was $61.07, up 7.56% over the previous day. 




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