Optimism's Bedrock Upgrade to Bring Significant Cost Reductions

Tanya Sharma
Tanya Sharma
Published on May 16, 2023 10:49 PM

Optimism Mainnet anticipates a 47% reduction in protocol costs and security fees with the upcoming release of the Bedrock upgrade, focusing on improving Ethereum compatibility

Optimism Bedrock Upgrade
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Optimism, a leading layer-2 blockchain network, has announced the release date for its highly anticipated Bedrock upgrade. Scheduled for June 6th at 16:00 UTC, this upgrade represents a significant milestone for OP Mainnet, aiming to reduce fees and enhance compatibility with the Ethereum ecosystem.

"Is Bedrock the largest upgrade ever released on OP Mainnet?"

Bedrock’s primary focus is to optimize transaction costs while ensuring seamless integration with Ethereum. 

By leveraging optimized batch compression techniques and employing Ethereum as a data availability layer, Bedrock seeks to achieve a substantial 47% reduction in protocol costs and security fees.

The Bedrock upgrade brings forth an extensive overhaul of the roll-up stack, positioning it as the largest upgrade ever released on OP Mainnet. 

During the implementation process, a temporary downtime of 2-4 hours will be required on OP Mainnet. Consequently, transactions, deposits, and withdrawals will be temporarily inaccessible.

This downtime will facilitate the transition from the old sequencer to the new Bedrock sequencer, impacting chain and infrastructure operations. While read access will be maintained for most OP Mainnet nodes, users may experience a slight decrease in performance during the migration.

In addition to cost reduction, Bedrock aims to address key challenges faced by its predecessor. 

  • It introduces improved handling of layer-1 transaction reorganizations within rollups, resulting in shorter delays. 

  • Technical debt has been minimized to enhance node performance.

  • The upgrade enables the implementation of modular-proof systems through code reuse.

The team behind the project expressed their excitement, stating, 

"We are thrilled to bring Bedrock to OP Mainnet after a dedicated year of re-architecting the OP Stack for production. This milestone represents a significant step forward in improving scalability, reducing fees, and expanding Ethereum compatibility."

Optimism faces fierce competition in Ethereum's layer-2 ecosystem

Despite the upcoming upgrade, the market position of Optimism has faced increasing competition within the Ethereum layer-2 ecosystem. While initially enjoying a lead with its optimistic rollup solutions that boast high compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), 

Optimism's market dominance has recently been challenged by the rise of EVM-compatible zero-knowledge rollups (ZkEVMs).

Optimism has witnessed limited growth in Total Value Locked (TVL) throughout the year, currently standing at approximately $1.71 billion. 

Competitors such as ZKSync Era, a Matter Labs-developed general-purpose zk-roll-up platform, have surpassed Optimism in transaction volume, with a TVL of over $252 million. 

Additionally, Polygon's zkEVM has experienced impressive growth since its beta mainnet launch in March, reaching a TVL of $9.15 billion.


Optimism Mainnet's forthcoming Bedrock upgrade introduces significant advancements, including reduced protocol costs and enhanced Ethereum compatibility. 

Despite facing intensifying competition within the Ethereum layer-2 ecosystem, this upgrade demonstrates Optimism's commitment to improving scalability and delivering a more cost-efficient and compatible solution for decentralized applications.

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