Pi Network's Craze Overflowing on Social Media Ahead of Mainnet Launch

Pathik Bhattacharya
Pathik Bhattacharya Published on May 30, 2023 12:28 PM

Pi Network KYC increased over several folds as Pi Network mainnet launch is near.

Pi Network's Craze Overflowing on Social Media
Source: Pi Mainnet

Pi Network has sparked much interest and curiosity since its start, promising to develop a user-friendly cryptocurrency that is accessible to the general public. Many enthusiasts are looking forward to the introduction of the Open Mainnet as the mobile mining platform proceeds through its contained mainnet and testnet stages. 

The Pi Network is currently running in the contained mainnet and testnet stages. During this phase, network developers can fine-tune and polish the network's basic functionalities, assuring a secure and efficient platform for future users. 

Through this isolated environment, the Pi Network team can resolve any vulnerabilities, improve scalability, and ensure a pleasant user experience. 

Mass KYC compliance and ecosystem development are two critical criteria determining Pi Network's suitability for the Open Mainnet. 

KYC verification is critical for establishing user validity, preventing fraud, and conforming to legal rules. Pi Network intends to create a secure user environment by implementing widespread KYC and building trust and credibility within the network. 

Meanwhile, the seamless adoption of Pi Network's native token PI could be seen across the country. In one of the stores in Malaysia, Pi is accepted in exchange for goods and products.

Merchants in Malaysia are Paying with Pi

One of the most eventful news of crypto adoption is coming directly from Malaysia, the Tourists Heaven. In a Tweet shared by the Pi News team claiming that many retail stores are now accepting Pi as an exchange.


Customers may buy ingredients in supermarkets for 0.00001394 each, causing a stir among residents. People are amazed and thrilled about the future of digital currencies because of the reality of this new payment option.

Adding more optimism to the Pi Network, Several big organisations have recently rumoured that they are in advanced talks with the Pi Core Team to implement the Pi coin into their platforms. This possible collaboration could have far-reaching consequences for the general adoption of Pi and the cryptocurrency sector as a whole. With more major companies embracing digital currencies, the future of Pi and its value is set to skyrocket.


When Will Open Mainnet Launch? 

While the precise timing for the launch of the Open Mainnet is unknown, it is clear that Pi Network is working hard to meet its objectives. 

The team's dedication to rigorous KYC processes and the development of a robust ecosystem lays the groundwork for a smooth transition to the Open Mainnet. Furthermore, Pioneers can help to accelerate the open mainnet launch by efficiently completing KYC processes and doing other critical duties. 

The KYC strategy and hackathon serve as a roadmap for the team's efforts to deploy the open mainnet. Over 13 million Pioneers have applied for KYC on the network. While the team has focused on bulk KYC, the milestone is encouraging for the launch of Open Mainnet. As a result, it is plausible. 


Pi Network's road to the Open Mainnet has been meticulously planned, with a heavy emphasis on mass KYC compliance and ecosystem development. Pi Network prioritises these features in order to provide a safe, user-friendly, and lively network that distinguishes out in the business. 

As the Pi Network moves through the mainnet and testnet stages, supporters are looking forward to the launch of the Open Mainnet, which will signal the network's preparedness for a wider audience. 

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