Pi Network Price Prediction as Pi Gears up For Mainnet Launch

Pathik Bhattacharya
Pathik Bhattacharya
Published on May 22, 2023 05:33 PM

Pi Network's development on mainnet launch is still going on. Crypto analysts have estimated that the launch of the Pi Network will make history in a single day.

Pi Network Price Prediction as Mainnet Launch
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Pi Network price predictions are going to see a twist of events as the long-awaited Pi Network launch is approaching. The project which was introduced on March 2019 made the entire world Mine the native token Pi on mobile application and is now anticipating a mainnet launch. 

However, an official announcement is yet to come but from various sources, it has been noted that Pi Network may launch its open mainnet launch publicly this year. Pi Network has been working tirelessly towards the launch of its open mainnet, taking several critical measures to guarantee a seamless and successful transition. 

The burgeoning crypto project has made enormous investments in building a strong core infrastructure to enable the mainnet launch. Building a secure and scalable blockchain network capable of managing the predicted growth in transaction volume and user activity is part of this. Let's see what will the Pi Network Price prediction says if the coin launched in the market at any moment.

Pi Network Price Prediction as Community Awaits

Pi Network became one of the most recognisable cryptocurrency projects back in 2019 when it launched its mobile mining application which made a huge community over social media. The marketing strategy of Pi Network was mainly through moth-to-mouth and they didn't have to spend much on marketing. 

In 2020, Pi Network claimed their user counts moved to more than a Million and hence the mining rewards were halved. Likewise, after 10 Mn and 100 Mn users, the halving will go on until the mainnet launch. The Pi Network community became huge and strong day by day which partitioned supporters as well as critics. The Pi Network mainnet launch was anticipated to be declared on December 2022 but later that too was postponed.

This led to an inner conflict and many users just stopped mining Pi. However, many users still mine Pi in the hope that one day the mainnet launch will give fruitful results to them.

As per many analysts and crypto Gurus, the price of the Pi network is going to be between $1 to $10 after studying the project's potential and inner demographics. According to Pi Network price prediction, considering the current memecoin mania, if Pi Network mainnet launch happens, it will break every record of trading and the token has the potential to soar more than a thousand percent. 

Pi Network Price Prediction as Adoption is a Challenge

Recently, Pi Network has had difficulties in establishing trust and reputation in the crypto world in order to attract more users and investors. Scalability is critical for mainstream acceptance, and when the open mainnet goes online, Pi Network must guarantee that it can manage greater transaction volumes without sacrificing security or performance.

Pi Netwok's objective is to have as many people as possible surrounding the mainnet launch to promote the project, and without marketing, it might endure crypto volatility over time. Additionally, Pi Network is targeting user education and awareness through educational resources and other initiatives.


In conclusion, according to project announcements, Pi Network continues to expand in its Enclosed Mainnet as the mining platform prepares to enter the next phase – open mainnet. Several developers have already shown an interest in creating utilities by deploying their Decentralised Applications (dApp) on the network by participating in the Pi Core Team's Hackathons.

Pi Network price prediction also reveals that the social engagement of Pi Network is very strong and will help the mainnet launch with several investors running towards the Pi coin.


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