Ripple Vs SEC Hot Update: Bloomberg Expert Predicts Ruling In First Half Of 2023

    Simar Marwaha
    Simar Marwaha
    Published on March 12, 2023 06:14 AM

    As is well known, the SEC asserts that through the sale of XRP coins in unregistered securities offerings, Ripple raised approximately $1.3 billion. Let's analyze the most recent update to it.

    Ripple Vs SEC Hot Update
    Source: Reuters

    The ongoing legal dispute between Ripple and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) was discussed recently by Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Elliott Z. Stein, who stated that he anticipates a decision on the summary judgement petitions to be made in the first half of this year. During an appearance on Laura Shin's podcast "Unchained," Stein made the remarks.

    According to Stein, the Ripple case is particularly intriguing since it involves a useful digital asset. This fact favours classifying such assets as commodities. Yet according to the SEC, Ripple advertised XRP tokens as investments, and buyers treated them as such in the hopes that the asset's price would increase. As a result, there is a complicated legal issue that has given rise to protracted litigation.

    It's also generally agreed that this case will create a significant precedent for other businesses and exchanges.

    Exclusion of SEC Expert Witness from Testifying

    In a recent ruling in the case, Judge Analisa Torres decided to bar the SEC's crucial expert witness from testifying. Despite being engaged by the regulatory body to investigate the expectations of token buyers, Patrick Doody has been prohibited from testifying by Judge Torres in response to Ripple's application. This decision is viewed as a win for Ripple and a setback for the SEC's case.

    Ripple Faces SEC Charges

    The SEC filed a lawsuit against Ripple and its top officials in December 2020. According to the lawsuit, the business and its executives sold securities without authorization, violating US securities regulations. The SEC asserts that through the sale of XRP tokens in unregistered securities offerings, Ripple raised more than $1.3 billion.

    Ripple's Reaction

    The SEC's accusations against Ripple have been refuted, and the company has resisted the regulatory body's interpretation of the law. Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of Ripple, has said that he anticipates the lawsuit's resolution in 2023. Furthermore, according to Ripple, XRP is a currency and is therefore exempt from SEC regulation.

    Risks for Crypto Industry

    The Ripple lawsuit has important ramifications for the whole cryptocurrency industry. If the SEC's accusations are confirmed, it may become the norm for how digital assets are handled in American law. It may potentially result in more legal disputes between the SEC and other cryptocurrency businesses.

    Ripple and the SEC are still engaged in litigation, and a decision on the requests for summary judgment is anticipated in the first half of 2023. The SEC's expert witness was excluded, which is viewed as a win for Ripple and a loss for the regulatory body. The lawsuit might determine the direction of how digital assets are governed in the United States and has huge consequences for the crypto industry.

    The decision of the SEC Vs Ripple lawsuit will have a significant impact on crypto regulation.