Sandbox Metaverse: An Ultimate Guide $SAND to LAND

    Tanya Sharma
    Tanya Sharma
    Published on January 16, 2023 12:04 PM

    Updated on January 17, 2023 8:24 AM

    In this article, we'll look at how to use the Sandbox metaverse, what are its system requirements, and where to get the greatest Sandbox metaverse land for sale. so let's get started!
    Sandbox Metaverse: An Ultimate Guide $SAND to LAND
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    Sandbox (2018) is a decentralized NFT game Metaverse built on the Ethereum blockchain. Non-technical individuals can design, sell, utilize, and monetize virtual reality NFTs using Sandbox.

    • Pixowl, the founders, were pleased with the success of Sandbox (2011) and Sandbox Evolution (2016). 

    • In 2018, the creators considered introducing this successfully User Generated Content game IP and the vast network of creators in the blockchain ecosystem.

    • The goal was to reward artists for engaging in the ecosystem by giving them true ownership of their creations in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

    With over 300,000 monthly users and millions of dollars already spent, in the Sandbox metaverse, this project provides several opportunities for collectors, artists, and innovators. Many individuals, however, are still unaware of what SAND is, how to acquire SAND tokens, or how the Sandbox's free tools work. 

    This article will attempt to clear the air. Let's get this party started.

    But what really is a metaverse?

    In a nutshell, the "Metaverse" is a virtual environment that people can explore as digital avatars. Users can purchase, play games, interact, attend events, and do other things with only a few clicks.

    The concept's enormous potential persuaded the world's most powerful corporations (think Meta or Epic Games) to construct their own metaverses. Anyone, however, can invest in a virtual world of their choice.

    Users, for example, can buy and exchange LAND, the metaverse's most prevalent utility. That is, after all, the primary use case for the Sandbox, one of the most successful metaverses to date.

    How does the Sandbox game function?

    The Sandbox Metaverse is made up of three integrated products that provide a holistic gaming experience for the production of User Generated Content (UGC). 

    These are the three combined products:

    • VoxEdit

    It allows the user to make voxel models. The construction blocks in The Sandbox game are voxels, which are 3D pixels. It is an NFT creation tool for Mac or PC that allows users to design and animate any 3D object such as humans, automobiles, animals, and so on.

    • Game Maker

    Anyone may make their own 3D games for free using Game Maker. Because of the user-friendly visual scripting tools, even developers with no coding knowledge may create spectacular 3D games in minutes.

    • Marketplace

    The Marketplace in The Sandbox allows users to upload, publish, and sell their VoxEdit-created voxel models.

    • To begin, users upload their inventions to an IPFS network, which provides decentralized storage and allows them to register on the blockchain to prove ownership.

    • Then, upload it; the creations become ASSETS that the user can sell by placing a sale offer in the Marketplace, where prospective purchasers can also make a purchase.

    Identifying Token Types in the Sandbox Metaverse:

    There are four sorts of users in the Sandbox ecosystem: gamers, creators, curators, and landowners. In The Sandbox Metaverse, there are six different kinds of tokens. 

    To construct an enclosed economy among users, however, they typically rely on four user-specific tokens: SAND, ASSETS, LAND, and GAME. The remaining two tokens, GEM and CATALYSTs, are kept for asset creation in VoxEdit.

    SAND Token

    The SAND Token is a utility token that is utilized within The Sandbox for all interactions and transactions that adhere to the ERC-20 standard. In The Sandbox metaverse, SAND can be viewed as the native currency or Sandbox coin.

    ASSETS Token

    The ASSETS token represents the metaverse's virtual assets in The Sandbox. Users can exchange these tokens in the Marketplace or use them on land to create more usefulness.

    Users can produce a variety of assets to monetize on the platform using VoxEdit. Furthermore, all users have ownership rights to the Assets they develop and trade in the game.

    LAND Token

    A LAND Token is an essential component of The Sandbox metaverse. In The Sandbox ecosystem, the LAND Token is also known as the virtual real estate investment. Users can purchase lands and then combine various sections of contiguous lands to form estates and districts in the Metaverse.

    GAME Token

    For users to be active in The Sandbox, the GAME token must always be present alongside the LAND Token. A GAME token provides consumers with an interactive experience that is created by merging game code and assets.

    GEMS Token

    GEMS are utility tokens in The Sandbox ecosystem that increase the attribute value of Assets. It is also a burnt-on-usage token, in which one GEM can grant 25 attribute points to an item, making it highly useful and lucrative in the game.

    CATALYST Token

    CATALYST is another burnt-on-usage token that defines the tier and scarcity of the user's ASSET in The Sandbox metaverse. The user can add an empty socket to their asset, which they can then load with GEM properties using the CATALYST Token.

    Is the Sandbox Metaverse available for free?

    In a nutshell, sure. Anyone can freely enter the Sandbox metaverse. Its main functions, VoxEdit and Game Maker, are also available for free download and usage at any time. Collectors must, however, pay to attend some events and activities, as well as to obtain LAND or other NFTs sold in the Marketplace.

    Overall, the free-to-play mechanics allow everyone to enjoy the metaverse.

    What exactly is SAND?

    SAND is The Sandbox's primary utility token. ERC-20 digital assets are based on the Ethereum blockchain and are utilised for almost everything in the metaverse.

    As a player, you'll need SAND to enhance your avatar, play games, and participate in particular events and activities. Meanwhile, creators use SAND to purchase LAND and to post digital assets to the Marketplace, among other things.

    Notably, SAND is also a stakeable token. This implies you can earn more tokens by staking your existing SAND. The more SAND you hold, the more likely you are to receive benefits from The Sandbox's Staking Pool!

    Finally, if you wish to participate in the project's DAO, you'll require SAND. SAND, as a governance token, allows holders to vote on critical aspects of The Sandbox, such as its roadmap.

    What is Sandbox Land, and How Do I Buy Sandbox Land?

    LAND is the Sandbox ecosystem's digital real estate component. The user can purchase  LAND by knowing about the complete geography of the Sandbox Metaverse. If you still can't figure out Sandbox or anything else linked to Metaverse, you should take a metaverse course.

    • The two varieties of LAND offered to users are regular and premium. LAND is a necessary component for players to expand their games and universes, and users cannot play this game without a token.

    • Furthermore, the player must have Ethereum in their wallet to help cover the fees incurred during the purchase.

    • Finally, as previously stated, SAND is the ecosystem's native money and is used to purchase LAND tokens. 

    • Once the gamers have gathered all of these items, they must navigate to the online map and click on the accessible LAND they wish.

    • If the land is available, the website will highlight it in grey, and if it is a premium, it will be highlighted in yellow. The land is reserved for the user whenever the user clicks the "Buy" button.

    • Following that, the relevant wallet will open and display the user's gas expenses and SAND price. The LAND will be highlighted in purple, indicating that it is reserved.

    • Only after the user's wallet confirms the transaction will it be considered complete. The amount of gas chosen and any congestion in the blockchain determine the transaction's completion time.

    • The LAND will become red once the transaction is complete, signifying that the user now owns the LAND. 

    • Users must finish the transaction within two hours, or otherwise the LAND will become available to everyone again.

    Another option for acquiring the LAND is to use OpenSea. OpenSea is a secondary market where users can purchase a variety of NFTs.

    To purchase LAND using the OpenSea platform, follow these steps:

    • The user must first sign up for an account.

    • The consumers can then purchase LAND using SAND or ETH, depending on the seller's preference.

    The major goal of LAND is to allow game developers and designers to share their experiences with them. These posts can be appreciated by other gamers and can also help with monetization.

    What is the value of LAND in the Sandbox?

    According to OpenSea statistics, the current floor price for a LAND digital asset on the secondary market is 1,62 ETH. The fees, however, vary greatly based on the LAND's location in the metaverse as well as other factors.

    A plot of LAND near Snoop Dogg's mansion, for example, is likely to cost far more than a random one merely because of its proximity. This is not required, however. An unidentified buyer paid $30,000 in January for a typical plot of LAND with no features or unusual location.

    In short, LAND dealing follows the same rule that we all should: DYOR before purchasing anything!

    Once you've found the ideal patch of LAND within The Sandbox, all you need is some SAND to get started. This is because The Sandbox offers fresh LAND sales on a regular basis through its Map of The Sandbox website.

    Sandbox vs Decentraland

    Decentraland and The Sandbox are essentially metaverses where users can construct, play, create, and enjoy virtual experiences. The Sandbox and Decentraland both contain specific utility tokens (SAND and MANA) with play-to-earn mechanics.

    Decentraland, on the other hand, has just 90,601 LAND parcels, whilst The Sandbox has 166,464 LAND parcels. Furthermore, The Sandbox offers higher-quality graphics.

    Nonetheless, both metaverses provide distinct experiences - and they're both worth a shot. Depending on your goals and investments, either option may be preferable.

    Celebrities in the Sandbox metaverse

    You're surely aware that the legendary rapper Snoop Dogg has been making waves in the Sandbox. The hip-hop legend erected a digital duplicate of his real-life private estate in September 2021 to host parties and events. Snoop Dogg held a LAND auction with 197 pieces of land a few months later.

    Meanwhile, another NFT whale from the music industry, Steve Aoki, has established his own NFT avatars within the Sandbox. Paris Hilton created a digital replica of a Malibu property, and Sara Sampaio went even further! As a result, the supermodel paid $110,000 for a digital private island in The Sandbox.

    Grand Slam champion Stan Wawrinka and graffiti artist Alec Monopoly, who has his own MetaMuseum, are among the other celebs in The Sandbox. Some well-known brands, such as Gucci, Adidas, and Zed Run, have also joined the metaverse.

    Surprisingly, Singaporean billionaires such as Kwek Leng Beng of Millennium Hotels are also investing in The Sandbox.

    What Can We Expect in the Future from the Sandbox?

    The Sandbox currently works with over 165 businesses, including well-known titles such as Smurfs, Atari, and The Walking Dead. Furthermore, the Sandbox has cooperated in the form of virtual performances with Snoop Dogg and Deadmau5.

    In addition, the Sandbox has partnered with the World of Women (WoW) to encourage female diversity and representation in the Metaverse. The WoW Foundation will receive $25 million over five years for this effort, which will be used for mentorship and education.

    To date, the Sandbox has raised more than $90 million. Its team is trying to grow the Metaverse and product suite.

    This year, The Sandbox team recognises LAND owners that have produced exceptional gaming experiences by including new metaverse elements. In addition, the mobile version and a new community token are anticipated to be released in Q4 of 2022.

    Furthermore, according to analyst predictions, The Sandbox's price might reach more than $7 by the first quarter of 2023 and more than $200 in five years.

    Given a result, financial analysts feel that The Sandbox has enormous growth opportunities in the future, as the business is still in its early stages.

    Before investing in Metaverse, investors should conduct their own study or speak with or listen to Metaverse specialists, since the industry condition can change depending on the situation.


    The Sandbox is one of many new entries in the world of cryptocurrencies, and it is marketed as a solid investment that attracts new players and investors on a daily basis.

    Furthermore, if past prices are evaluated, SAND may be a decent investment because it has performed well in comparison to others. However, as previously stated, investors should exercise caution and conduct thorough research before making any investments, as cryptocurrencies are highly volatile; hence, values that are rising today may fall dramatically tomorrow.

    As a result, before investing, it is best to read about Metaverse or acquire Metaverse training to help you make better-informed selections.

    Sandbox Metaverse FAQs

    Are the sandbox and metaverse the same thing?

    Sandbox and Decentraland are examples of metaverses, which are digital worlds developed with blockchain technology. Both metaverses include themes that allow you to stake your claim to a virtual tract of land — or buy it from someone else.

    What is the purpose of SAND in the metaverse?

    SAND was created as an ERC-20 (fungible) token that functions similarly to any other money. The token can be used to purchase LANDS and ASSETS on the marketplace as well as pay for metaverse experiences generated by other users.

    Is it possible to play sandbox for free?

    Playing The Sandbox is completely free. Having a plot of land is not.