Skoda Auto India Revolutionizes with Skodaverse in Web 3.0

Tanya Sharma
Tanya Sharma Published on September 13, 2023 09:01 PM

Skoda Auto India ventures into the world of Web 3.0 with a groundbreaking initiative called Skodaverse India.

Skoda Auto India Revolutionizes with Skodaverse in Web 3.0
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Skoda Auto India is venturing into the world of tomorrow with its groundbreaking initiative, Skodaverse India.

This exciting step forward embraces the digital age with the sale of 128 special NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). 

Each of these NFTs is a unique work of art, carefully designed to blend automotive excellence, artistic flair, and customer involvement.

These 128 NFTs signify not just a collection, but 128 years of Skoda's incredible journey.

Your Journeys, Our Canvases

What makes these NFTs stand out is the careful craftsmanship by a group of very talented artists.

These imaginative artists take the stories of travel and exploration shared by customers and turn them into stunning digital artworks.

Each NFT is a visual story, a tribute to the individual experiences and adventures of its owner.

Christian Cahn von Seelen, the Executive Director at Škoda Auto Volkswagen India, shares, “Škodaverse India is more than just cars; it’s about creating an immersive experience for our customers.

The overwhelming success of this NFT launch shows our dedication to nurturing creativity, individuality, and a sense of community within the Škoda family.”

Exclusive Rewards Await

Owning a Skodaverse NFT brings a host of benefits.

From specially designed merchandise to exclusive accessories, from coveted access to Skoda events to a complimentary Airdrop of the next NFT – the perks are plentiful.

Priced at just Rs 5,000, the process of acquiring one is as straightforward as any other online purchase.

Powered by the NEAR Protocol, a certified eco-friendly venture, these NFTs reflect a commitment to sustainable practices.

From Concept to Creation: A Team Effort

To bring these personalized artworks to life, NFT design artists from Antier Solutions collaborated with design students from the respected Pearl Academy in Jaipur, as well as from the MIT Institute of Design in Pune.

Skoda Auto India's move into Skodaverse India and the NFT realm isn't just a technological advance; it's an artistic statement.

It's about more than just owning a car, it's about being part of a community bonded by creativity and innovation. With Skodaverse, Skoda is not just selling cars, they're pioneering a movement.




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