Top Non-Fungible Terms that Every NFT Enthusiast Should Know

Tanya Sharma
Tanya Sharma

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Published on January 11, 2023 11:33 AM

With the expansion of NFTs, a slew of possibly unfamiliar words and phrases have entered the vernacular. Below are some basic notions Associated with NFTs.

Top Non-Fungible Terms that Every NFT Enthusiast Should Know
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Let's begin with NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, which are cryptographic tokens that live on the blockchain. They are one-of-a-kind and can be traded or treasured as a collectible. In recent years, the demand for these digital collectibles has been exceptionally great, with many selling for millions of dollars on approved trading sites.

NFT terminology evolved mostly from cryptocurrencies. They are technologically similar since they both reside on the blockchain.

One example is HODL, or Hold On for Dear Life, a word used to signify that a holder of a cryptocurrency or an NFT is not interested in selling their token regardless of market increase or decrease. It originated in the cryptocurrency sector.

Then there are smart contracts, which are just programs that handle ownership verification and transferability.

In addition to this, the NFT glossary has a number of other key terminology that you should be familiar with before beginning your exploration of this steadily fascinating field.

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Basic NFT Terminologies


The phrase "airdrop" is used to describe rewards or free collectibles. This is a method of boosting the popularity of an already-popular NFT or promoting a new one.

Airdrops are, thus, promotional techniques deployed to enhance the user base for an NFT collection. In some cases, airdrop NFTs are given to holders as a thank-you for their support or for posting favorable comments about a project on social media.

The "serum" airdrop, created by the Bored Ape Yacht Club's founders, may have been the most well-known in the world of NFTs (BAYC). As previously mentioned, it allowed current owners to change their Bored Apes into Mutant Apes.


When a trader swiftly buys and sells an NFT, the transaction is known as a flip. "Quickly" does not always imply selling within hours; it could be a few days after purchasing.

Flipping is primarily done by those who want to earn a quick profit from an NFT they know will be in high demand in a short period of time. This is analogous to stock market transactions in which traders buy and sell a promising stock for profit within days of its rising value.

Floor Price

An NFT's floor price is its base pricing. When a project is made available on NFT platforms, trading begins at the floor price. This is the bare minimum required to obtain a token from the collection.

The floor pricing changes all the time. If a collection gets well-known, the floor price will inevitably rise. The current minimum purchase price for a BAYC token is 101 ETH (Ether), indicating how valuable each ape in the collection is.

Typically, the floor price is determined by the NFT originator. This means that anyone interested in selling NFTs can set a floor price for them. NFT trading systems such as OpenSea display the lowest floor price.


As NFTs are digital assets, not all digital assets are NFTs. A photograph taken by a smartphone and stored in its gallery, for example, is unquestionably a digital file, but it is not an NFT.

NFTs, like cryptocurrencies, exist on the blockchain. As a result, all NFTs must be in a format that can be recorded in a decentralized, distributed ledger, allowing their owners to be monitored. As a result, all digital media, including music and digital art, must be converted to NFTs.

One of the most essential NFT concepts is minting, which is the process of converting digital files into digital assets suitable for NFT trading.

NFT minting has become relatively simple thanks to platforms like OpenSea and Rarible. All you need to do is connect a crypto wallet to the platform, upload the file that needs to be turned into an NFT, and mint it using the platform's tools.


One of the most essential NFT concepts is staking, which occurs when NFT holders 'lock up' their collection for a period of time in order to gain a higher return on investment.

This is somewhat like fixed deposits that banks offer. Assets are locked in decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms in this case. The number of NFTs staked and the annual percentage yield (APY), which is broadly defined as the real rate of return on an investment over a year while taking compound interest into account, is used to produce rewards.

The investment strategy enables holders to profit from NFTs without selling them.

NFT Project

An "NFT project" is the first item that may come up in a casual chat. So, what is it exactly?

An NFT project is essentially a collection of NFTs from the same family. Consider the well-known CryptoPunks and BAYC.

NFT projects start with an idea and can grow into several sub-projects. The founders of a project can potentially establish a new project that is similar to the original. BAYC, a high-value NFT project, was followed by Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC), in which apes were portrayed as mutants.

Unique features can connect projects — for example, holders of Bored Apes can utilize a "serum" to transform their tokens into Mutant Apes.

A project's tokens almost usually share a feature. In the instance of BAYC, all tokens are essentially apes, but each has a unique collection of characteristics. In the case of CryptoPunks, though, there are several face templates, each with its own attribute.


How will the NFT market be valued in 2022?

The Non-Fungible Tokens Market is predicted to increase at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 35.0% from 2022 to 2027, from USD 3.0 billion in 2022 to USD 13.6 billion by 2027.

What will be the largest NFT market in 2023?

Top December 2023 NFT Marketplaces: OpenSea. OpenSea is an old NFT marketplace, having begun in 2017, and it is also one of the largest NFT marketplaces operating today.

Is there still growth in the NFT market?

During the COVID-19 epidemic in 2021, the Non-fungible Token (NFT) market saw great development opportunities.

Is it worthwhile to invest in NFT in 2023?

Overall, the Silks NFTs are an excellent investment for long-term high returns in 2023. Silks' NFTs are new, and they bridge the gap between the real world and the cryptocurrency business, making them extremely valuable.

Is it possible to purchase NFT for ten dollars?

The current price is US$0.002727. Market capitalization: $720,751,165 ECOMI is a popular NFT under US$10 for crypto investors looking to benefit from their crypto wallets. It is a technology-based startup focused on the developing digital collectibles industry and digital asset security.




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