Uniswap V3 Warped into StarkNet

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    Updated on January 25, 2023 07:16 PM

    Published on October 11, 2022 07:16 AM

    The project developed to enable token swapping between Ethereum users on the more scalable layer-2 StarkNet.

    Uniswap V3 Warped into StarkNet

    Uniswap v3 warped on StarkNet by Nethermind, an Ethereum development team, is now available as UniStark. On "Warp," a project created to enable Ethereum users to trade tokens on the more scalable Ethereum layer-2 network StarkNet, Nethermind developers transpiled and built Uniswap V3.

    On October 9, team leader Jorik Schellekens posted on Medium to disclose the success.

    What is Warp?

    Warp is a Solidity to Cairo transpiler that enables Solidity-based Ethereum projects to move their codebase to StarkNet and take advantage of the lower costs offered there. Facilitating the transfer of Ethereum apps to StarkNet is the main objective of Nethermind's Warp project.

    For the time being, warp successfully transpiles and deploys each Solidity file in the Uniswap v3 repository with only a few small alterations to the source. To add more Ethereum-based projects to StarkNet in the future, the team intends to develop Warp's functionality even further.

    Why Warp?

    The basic idea is to give StarkNet users access to Uniswap, even if it is not part of the exchange. Theoretically, if Ethereum users are using that network, it should be less expensive for them to transfer tokens as StarkNet has lower transaction costs than the primary Ethereum blockchain. Testing will continue while the plugin is still being developed.

    Transferring projects from Ethereum to StarkNet is difficult since the latter makes use of Cairo while the former makes use of Solidity. Therefore, in order for the code to work in another language, a translation must be made.

    According to Nethermind, they intend to develop Warp's functionality even further to attract additional Ethereum-based projects to StarkNet.

    “We will continue working hard on features and repeat this experiment with a few other protocols, bringing new protocols to StarkNet at warp speed.”

    In July 2021, Nethermind and StarkWare, the organization that created StarkNet, collaborated to provide enhanced functionality and infrastructure components for StarkNet.