Wall Street Memes Crypto $WSM Presales Started, The New Meme Sensation

Pathik Bhattacharya
Pathik Bhattacharya Published on May 29, 2023 04:37 PM

Analysts are already predicting tenfold gains for Wall Street Memes once it is listed on exchanges.

Memes Crypto $WSM Presales Started
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Despite the slowing of the meme market, a few coins are capturing the attention of viewers and investors. 

The Wall Street Memes ($WSM) is one such coin. A brand new meme coin project that has gained a lot of popularity throughout its pre-sale period. The coin is tied to the subreddit WallStreetBets, which has over 13.2 million subscribers, as the name says. 

The Wall St Bull NFT, which was introduced in early 2021, contributed significantly to the popularity of this newly announced project. The collection was a huge hit, selling out in 32 minutes. 

Early-bird investors interested in purchasing the coin can do so for as little as 0$0.025 USD, the lowest price at which the coin will be offered by PancakeSwap. Let's examine the project and how the prices will move afterwards.

Wall Street Memes ($WSM) Token Raised $600K in Presales

The highly anticipated $WSM presale has officially gone live, according to a recent announcement by Jacob Crypto Bury, also known as @BuryCrypto on the Micro Blogging site. The presale raised an amazing $600,000 in just three days, garnering great interest among memecoin enthusiasts.

Jacob Crypto Bury was overjoyed and exclaimed, "LFG!" (Let's F***ing Go! )", demonstrating the project's great optimism. This new #crypto presale is likely to make significant waves in the #memecoin marketplace, attracting the attention of both investors and industry analysts.


The marketing is also going on at a thundering pace as many crypto enthusiasts and memecoin proponents urging investors to participate in the presale. One of the Twitter users even mocked Pepe Coin for its poor performance these days and asked people to Buy $WSM.


Wall Street Memes' remarkable brand reach in the financial industry, particularly among individual investors, distinguishes it as the most authentic meme coin ever.

Add to that its established ability to cross-sell both stock and crypto audiences, as proved by its hugely successful first NFT launch, and it truly means there is no time to waste in grabbing the $WSM token at its lowest price - $0.025.

Before the $WSM cryptocurrency is listed on top-tier centralised exchanges, it will first be listed on decentralised exchanges. 

Wall Street Memes Price Prediction

The WSM coin price began at $0.025 during its initial presale round, which sold out in days, and is now significantly higher, nevertheless offering a discount to early adopters - to incentivise those willing to take the biggest risk. The Wall Street Memes presale price phases are as follows:

Stage          WSM Token Price          Tokens In Stage          Cumulative Amount Raised     
1 $0.0250 20,000,000 $500,000
2 $0.0253 20,000,000 $1,006,000
3 $0.0256 20,000,000 $1,518,000
4 $0.0259 20,000,000 $2,036,000
5 $0.0262 20,000,000 $2,560,000
6 $0.0265 20,000,000 $3,090,000
7 $0.0268 20,000,000 $3,626,000
8 $0.0271 20,000,000 $4,168,000
9 $0.0274 20,000,000 $4,716,000
10 $0.0277 20,000,000 $5,270,000

All in all, there will be thirty Wall Street Memes presale stages resulting in a 34.8% gain in the WSM token price ahead of its exchange debut. The WSM listing price could be the final stage price of $0.0337 or somewhat higher, which will be confirmed after the presale closes.

The total supply of $WSM has been set at $2 billion, with 50% of it available for pre-sale to the general public. The remaining 50% is intended to be used for prizes and liquidity. The project is entirely managed by the community, with no staff or professional team assigned. 

About Wall Street Memes ($WSM) Token

Wall Street Memes ($WSM) token is another community-driven memecoin based on the Ethereum ecosystem which is going to be launched after its 30 stages of Presale. 


Prior to the debut of its new cryptocurrency, the Wall Street Memes community was built on an Instagram and Twitter community, as well as a historical NFT initiative. 
In 2021, the platform launched its first NFT project, the Wall Street Bulls on OpenSea, which sold out in 32 minutes. 

It is still launching new NFT initiatives, including Bitcoin Ordinal NFTs in May 2023, and with meme coins being the most exciting assets of the year, it announced its WSM coin presale immediately after.

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