Artist Pablo Stanley Tweets Snaps of Robotos NFTs Debuting on Children’s Television

Times Studio, the magazine’s visual content division, is developing a new children’s television show based on the NFT collection “Robotos.” Robotos is a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) created by artist Pablo Stanley that includes 10,000 droids with over 170 characters. NFTs are digital collectibles that may be purchased with both fiat money and cryptocurrency. Stanley stated that bringing people to life and building a universe around them has long been a goal of his. This is one of the first efforts to leverage NFTs’ native IP to produce a television show.

“Robotos is a line of droids created by Pablo Stanley and released as NFTs. “They’re made up of a variety of metal clothes, tin faces, digital attachments, top parts, faces, backpacks, arms, and colors,” states Robotos’ official website.

Times Studio’s TV content developers feel there is an untapped chance to collaborate with NFT creators. As a result, they picked Stanley’s droid inventions to test the feasibility of translating NFTs into television characters.

“In the NFT arena, there is a lot of amazing IP being produced. Time president Keith Grossman was reported as stating, “We are pleased of the role Time can play as the ecosystem continues to evolve and gain mainstream adoption by offering these creators with our platform and access to other mediums, including cinema and TV.”

Buyers will get NFTs in the form of animated GIFs, PNGs, and resolution-free SVG files. The price of each NFT, according to the information on Robotos’ official page, is about 0.7 Ether ($ 3,054). (roughly Rs. 2.2 lakh).

The NFT artist has been uploading photographs of what they look like on Twitter in order to keep the excitement going on social media.

To date, components from movies, television shows, and music have been converted into NFTs, but with this project, the tables will be turned.

Stanley spoke on behalf of a larger artist community when he remarked that the NFT space had improved artists’ lives.

“I am grateful to the NFT space for supporting artists like myself and having such a great influence on the lives of creative.” NFTs combine art, community, and technology to create something new and exciting—the future of narrative and world-building. In a statement, the NFT artist stated, “I can’t wait to tell the stories of our new characters and bring the Robotos and NFT community along for the adventure.”

According to industry tracker, DappRadar, NFT sales volume increased by nearly eightfold in the third quarter of 2021, to $10.7 billion (approximately Rs. 79,820 crores).

Sales volumes on the largest NFT platform, OpenSea, reached $3.4 billion (approximately Rs. 25,320 crore) in August and remained high even when global stock markets struggled in September.

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