As part of the GameFi Project, Gensokishi Online Meta World is transforming Elemental Knights Online into a new astral plane.


  1. Gensokishi’s world would be supported by such a P2E system..
  2. From May 2022, a close alpha test of the game should be available.
  3. Polygon, an Ethereum-based technology, will power the game.

Elemental Knights Online, a popular Japanese mobile game, is preparing to unveil Gensokishi Online “Meta Universe,” the next edition of the online MMORPG that combines features of play-to-earn (P2E), user-generated non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and the metaverse. Its “Meta World” metaverse in Gensokishi Internet would permit users to buy a property or autonomously change their creations, such as buildings and characters.
Because it is constructed on the Polygon blockchain network, the land, as well as in-game items, maybe minted as NFTs and sold on various markets.

This multiverse of a videogame identifies two vouchers: MV or ROND. A MV token will be used as a utility token on Polygon allowing players to obtain different privileges outside of the gaming, such as voting rights for the game policy or even the ability to design the in-game gear. ROND, on the other hand, is money that may be utilized in the game’s economy. However, a user’s earned ROND can be traded like a virtual currency on decentralized marketplaces. Even by end of this month, Gensokishi Project hopes to have the MV coin listed on Uniswap, Quickswap, or Pancakeswap.
This infrastructure also will allow with GameFi project’s further stages, including the implementation of such a DAO which will offer players greater control over the management system and other features. MV is the name of the decentralized entity that lies at the heart of the project’s Metaverse aspirations.

To commemorate its launch of Gensokishi Online Meta World and the launch of social networks, a campaign would be launched to award “Limited Equipment NFT” to everyone members that register before December 27.
Our goal is merging free-to-play, user-generated content (UGC), and pay-to-win features in the game is to allow members to play playing for free at every moment, earn NFTs, create unique characters, trade them on marketplaces, and even play to make money, dependent on individual preferences. Players may also import NFTs from other blockchain games like Axie Eternity and utilize them within Elemental Knights Online because it is debuting on Polygon, an intrinsically interconnected platform.

Elements Warriors Internet is indeed a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) it was first released on the digital application in 2008 and since then has accumulated almost 8 million players. Currently, the formal launch date for Gensokishi Online “Meta World” is set for August 2022.
P2E is now one of the most popular gaming fads, including games such Axie Infinity, Arc8, and Splinterlands earning significant global appeal. However, because of worries about speculative behavior, play-to-earn NFT games are prohibited in Japan’s neighboring South Korea.

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