At a police station in Poland, an IT specialist was caught mining cryptocurrency.

Local media stated that Polish police had discovered a covert cryptocurrency mining enterprise at their Warsaw headquarters. The case against an IT specialist suspected of minting digital currencies on police computers has been dropped and turned over to Attorney general’s Office.

A member of the Polish police force has been fired for crypto mining at workplace.
Investigators from the Polish National Police discovered a cryptocurrency mining farm at the Policja headquarters in Warsaw, according to local news media. According to two independent sources quoted by the news outlet, the mining operation was reportedly planned by an IT technician, a civilian employee of the law enforcement agency.

The crypto-miner took advantage of police PCs that he had modified with memory modules and specialized software. Although the mining operations are likely to have used a significant amount of energy owing to the energy-intensive coin minting process, the main concern, according to one of the individuals, is that documents from the police database may have been exposed.

Many private documents, such as reports from collaborators and digital files, are stored on the computer system. Officials from the police department say that their database has not been hacked and that no vulnerabilities of the internal Police Data Transmission System have been discovered thus far.

The IT specialist has been sacked, and another employee’s contract, whose position has yet to be identified, will be discontinued as well. Inspector Mariusz Ciarka, a spokesman for the National Police Command (KGP), confirmed to Gazeta Wyborcza that the crypto miner was fired right away. He also added the following:

The gadget he used was not linked to any database, and the case is mostly about the theft of power used in so-called “cryptocurrency mining.”

The matter has already been submitted to the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw, according to the Polish police spokesman, while the investigation continues to determine if a crime was committed. Specialists are now attempting to calculate the cost of power needed to mine digital currency for the police department.

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