Banksy’s “Spike” Artwork Getting Auctioned At Valuart

Etan Genini, Michele Fiscalini, and Vittorio Grigolo, the famous crypto enthusiasts are on their way to work on their new project. These crypto enthusiasts have created Valuart. This was to help artists all around the world to sell their works and discover their actual worth. Licensed NFTs will be traded on this newly created platform. Valuart was launched just a few days ago and it has already got its first piece announced for auction.

The artwork “Spike” that is inspired by Banksy’s physical creation will be soon auctioned as 1:1 NFT. 50% of the money earned from this auction will be sent to charity. Banksy, the notorious street artist, created the original piece in Palestine. Its owner is now Vittorio Grigolo. He is the co-founder as well as the world-famous trend. He was the person behind the decision to auction the digital and original work of Banksy which has now turned into CGI artwork. Currently, the spike is drifting through the universe.

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It will soon return to where he belongs – on the Earth in its NFT version. Vittorio Grigolo said “I’m thrilled to participate in this project and use my voice to create a magical atmosphere for the rebirth of this extraordinary piece of art I discovered more than a decade ago,” said Vittorio Grigòlo. I cannot wait to share this amazing creation with the public.”

The motive behind launching Valuart was to get a little creative and bring something different to the table. They are not interested in just selling classic art pieces. They want to reimagine the creativity in them and add to their greatness by their contemporary ideas and visions. This way, all the interested collectors will get something more than just an objectified piece of art. These crypto enthusiasts are making and trading creative history. Many leading institutions, artists, as well as celebrities, have been brought on board for these purposes.

Valuart has a different working style. It creates a perfect digital clone or digital original and then contextualizes it into some unique stories with their market-leading content creation. But, for them to do so, the given artwork must be authenticated first on the blockchain in collaboration with the owner of that art piece as an asset. This is a place where art collectors from around the world can discover and network with artists and many new opportunities for monetization through NFTs. In this way, classic art can be tokenized and also revived in the 21st century. All such inspiration was from both Vittorio Grigolo and Banksy’s desire to share their admiration for his work of art.

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