Barbados will be the first country in the metaverse to have a virtual embassy.

Following an agreement with metaverse platform Decentraland, Barbados, a small Caribbean island nation, has opted to expand its diplomatic mission by becoming the first government to create a digital embassy. Barbados’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade has struck a deal with Decentraland, a user-owned, Ethereum-based digital environment, to construct a digital embassy. The country’s government approved the construction of this virtual headquarters in August, and its formal launch is scheduled for January 2022.

Decentraland looks to have a leg up on other metaverse enterprises as a platform. It already has a system in place that allows people to purchase land parcels that they can then travel, develop on, and profit from. Barbados isn’t aiming to confine the concept of a virtual embassy to simply Decentraland, according to CoinDesk. Somnium Space and SuperWorld, as well as other metaverse platforms, are close to finalizing agreements with the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade.

While the details of each agreement are still being ironed out, the agreements will serve as a road map for property purchase, the construction of virtual embassies, and the establishment of consulates in other countries. This is planned to progress towards the creation of infrastructure to deliver services such as “e-visas” and the construction of a “teleporter” that will allow users to quickly move across blockchain realms using their avatars.

For quite some time, the Caribbean nation has been working on a plan for a virtual embassy. Because the action sets a number of precedents, Barbados’ government hired legal assistance to guarantee that the virtual embassy complies with international law and the Vienna Convention.

Barbados’ ambassador to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), H.E. Gabriel Abed, told CoinDesk that the government intends to expand swiftly beyond this initial effort to create structures and purchase virtual property in a number of virtual worlds. “Because the metaverse is still fresh and new, we don’t want to choose a winner. We also want to make sure that everything we build is transferable between meta worlds “He went on to clarify.

Since Facebook’s decision to rebrand itself Meta, which shifts the focus away from social networking and toward augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality, the notion of a metaverse has gained a lot of traction (VR). Since Facebook’s rebranding announcement, Decentraland’s stakes have skyrocketed in value, and a slew of new players have entered the game. Axie Infinity, Enjin, The Sandbox, and Illuvium are among these.

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