BAT – Brave Attention Token

BAT(Brave Attention Token) is a cryptocurrency that revolutionized digital advertising. The platform aims to incentivize both the advertiser and the viewer. Users get BAT tokens as a reward for their time and attention. 

BAT is an ERC-20 token built on Ethereum blockchain. It is the native token for the Brave browser.

What Are They Trying To Achieve?

The platform ensures that an efficient distribution of advertising money is maintained between the advertiser, publisher, and reader consuming the content.

Brave browser ensures customers have a good browser experience while having fewer to no ads, so there is no risk for users compromising their data.

BAT is the currency for the Brave browser. The virtual currency facilitates the entire network and the advertising services.

Meet The Team

To improve the fairness, security, and efficiency of digital advertising, Brendan Eich founded the BAT token. He previously was the co-founder of Mozilla and Firefox. He aims to leverage blockchain technology into advertising to help creators and users earn money. 

BAT has collaborated with a list of companies like Wayback Machine, TAP Network, Access79, Civic, HTC, The Giving Block, Everipedia, and Uphold. 

Should You Invest?

Brave is trying to solve a real-world problem. Where companies like Google use our data to their advantage without incentivizing us, BAT does the exact opposite. They do not track your data.

But the platform incentivizes users that allow them to do so. Some experts also believe BAT will kill Google. Well, this is surely a debate for another article. 

Brave browser is trying to achieve something commendable.

In my opinion, BAT is a great asset that you can hold for the long term. The project has a massive following followed by a great team of founders and team members working to improve the project further. All the partnerships with established brands and the new concept they are trying to bring to the market make it a fulfilling investment.

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