Behind the scenes into McAfee’s personal life:

Javier Villalba, McAfee’s lawyer revealed on Wednesday that the 75-year-old computer entrepreneur committed suicide in jail in Barcelona. McAfee was apprehended on October 3, 2020, at Spain’s El Prat airport as he attempted to escape to Turkey.

McAfee was facing tax-related criminal charges in the United States, which could have resulted in a 30-year prison sentence, and he was awaiting extradition at the time of his death. John and Janice had their wild love story, complete with cartels, escorts, and even poison plots.

Before settling down with Janice in 2013, Playboy McAfee had quite a lot of sexual encounters. When it was found that he was sleeping with one of his undergraduate students, who would later become his first wife, he was dismissed from his mathematics Ph.D. program, which started in 1968. McAfee then married Judy, who assisted him in the establishment of his firm, which he started in 1987, but the couple divorced in 2002.

Six years later, the multi-millionaire sold all he owned and relocated to the Central American jungle, where he purchased a beautiful home in Belize. He kept a brothel of seven young ladies within. “Some people think it is horrendous that I lived with seven women aged between 18 and 25,” McAfee said  “People can think what they want”.“I have been married twice and living with seven women was a lot less stressful than having a wife.” he said.

When McAfee became a “person of interest” in the deadly shooting of his American neighbor, Gregory Faull, in Belize in 2012. He was detained in Guatemala after attempting to escape the country.

McAfee staged a heart attack to avoid being deported to Belize; his scheme worked, and he was deported to the United States in December. Janice Dyson, a sex prostitute in South Beach, Florida, approached him the night after he arrived in the United States. Her procurer, on the other hand, knew John was a well-known billionaire. Janice and John spent the night together and began dating shortly after – but their relationship wasn’t as it looked.

John claimed in 2018 that he was the subject of a poisoned “assassination attempt” when the couple was living in a strongly protected property in Tennessee. After McAfee thought US law enforcement was attempting to extradite him, they fled to the seas on a boat, sailing from the United States to the Bahamas and then Cuba.

Later in 2019, they were detained in the Dominican Republic along with their crew after entering the nation with guns on the yacht. “Every yacht has weapons on board,” John seethed after his detention. “There are still real pirates out there that kidnap people and steal things from yachts.”

“Before we even showed up, we radioed that we were coming.”

“When we showed up at the dock we were surrounded by weapons.”

He inexplicably claimed that the arrests were part of a US government conspiracy.

John with one of her daughter.

John claimed to have fathered 47 children, ranging in age from late adolescence to mid-fifties. “It’s very difficult to keep track of [them],” he added. “Almost all of them were illegitimate. “[But] I keep in touch with everyone… I take care of all of them financially.”

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