Belo, an Argentina-based digital wallet application, now supports the Lightning Network through Opennode.

This Monday, January 10, Argentina-based digital wallets firm Belo revealed that it has introduced Lightning Network capabilities through a partnership with bitcoin credit card processor and technology supplier Opennode. The smartphone app now enables traders to exchange and deal in pesos, but users can now trade with bitcoin transactions in the future.

Belo joins forces with Open node and provides Lightning Network support.
Belo, the Argentine digital wallet software established by Manuel Beaudroit, attempts to “build a bridge” between both the cryptocurrency realm and everyday living in pesos. The startup stated on Monday that it has collaborated with the bitcoin (BTC) payment system Opennode and that the software would handle the Distributed System.

The Belo application is accessible for both iOS and Android cellphones, and it accepts ethereum as well as a few stablecoins tied to the US dollar.

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“Our cooperation with Opennode is tremendously crucial for our users,” Belo CEO Manuel Beaudroit said in a statement. “Our objective is for more and more people to understand and experience the possibilities and benefits of cryptocurrencies in everyday life, on a day-to-day basis, and in a straightforward manner.” With Belo, users simply need one peso to begin depositing money and purchasing cryptocurrency in a method that is functional and accessible to anybody above the age of 13, regardless of purchasing power.”

The CEO of Opennode is looking forward to millions of people in Latin America making reference to Bitcoin.

Since the debut of the Belo wallet in 2020, Latin American people have been able to acquire digital currencies using a smartphone app and a Visa. According to the startup’s website, anybody over the age of 13 may use the Belo digital wallet program and purchase in either pesos or cryptocurrency.

Julie Landrum, Opennode’s head of growth, stated at the launch that the business is looking on to provide additional financial options to Latin Americans. “We’re ecstatic about Opennode’s integration with the Belo App since it means millions of people in Latin America will be able to trade instantaneously with bitcoin, driving adoption in an area where bitcoin growth is surging,” Landrum said.

Just at the moment of typing, the Lightning Network has approximately 3,200 BTC, or $136.6 million, locked up. The total value locked (TVL) of the Lightning Network is 36.79 percent lower than it was on November 8, 2021, when it hit $216.13 million.

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