‘Noisy’ Bitcoin mining is driving neighbours crazy

Crypto and Bitcoin mining operations require numerous computers and fans to cool them. The unpleasant sound produced during this process is making people who live nearby bear the consequences.

Bitcoin miners solve complex calculations on computer systems all day all night. This process may not be very good for the environment but is definitely attractive for miners and investors. However, this attractiveness is not very lucky for the residents of Quebec. Quebec is about 150 Km east of Montreal which is a land of Bitfarms- A company that makes cryptocurrencies. According to a report by Wall Street Journal, they have complained that Bitcoin mining facility in their area constantly makes a drilling sound that goes on 24×7. Have you ever thought of what makes this mining process so noisy? Well, let’s discuss it.

In September, Bitfarms reached an agreement with Sherbrooke to shut down its Bitcoin mining facility by February 2023. The company is planning to cut down the operations at the plant in stages after it opens two new bigger mines in an industrial zone in Sherbrooke over the upcoming months.

The company is working towards accommodating the noise complaints.  It has bought German made fans to replace the Chinese made fans that were originally being used in the factory. The company also built a chimney that funneled the sound upwards and outwards through the roof of the building. It has also built a 20-foot-high sound barrier in between the mine and river. 

About Bitcoin mining

Bitcoin mining is basically the process of solving complex math problems using complex computer systems. The main goal of a miner is to find the solution to such problems. After finding the solution. The miner is awarded with a block of Bitcoin and the process goes on.

Why is Bitcoin mining so noisy?

The hardware required in the process of Bitcoin mining is really complex. It requires a GPU or an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) for setting up the mining process. Crypto and Bitcoin mining facilities have hundreds and thousands of computers running on complex calculations and consuming a ton of processing power and electricity. So, the whining fans noise also amplifies to a great extent.

Solution to the problem

Some mining facilities try to keep the tings cool by making use of industrial cooling or ventilation solutions to fade away the warmth and help these systems to run on optimal temperatures. If the temperatures exceed the optimal limit, it can result in thermal throttling. This will cause the systems to drop performance in an attempt to prevent it from overheating. 

To make sure this condition is never faced, mining facilities make sure the temerature at the facility are at the favorable levels. Some also use direct fresh air cooling systems, some use evaporative cooling while some also depend on immersion cooling systems. In his, the rigs are dumped into cooling solutions or oil coolants to help temperatures operate on an optimum and efficient level.

So, it is obvious that the high energy consuming hardware and high quality cooling solutions makes the mining facilities consume this huge ton of power.

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