Bitcoin Outperformed All Other assets In 2021 Reported By Goldman Sachs

In 2021, Bitcoin has again surpassed all benchmark and thematic equity bundles.

Bitcoin has established its place as the go-to store of wealth among many investors, according to the latest statistics from Goldman Sachs.

According to the bank’s 2021 return scorecard, Bitcoin beat all capital markets last year. Including global indices such as the S&P 500 and Nasdaq, as well as shares like FAAMG. Gold, the traditional go-to store of wealth, has returned just 4% this year, making it less and less appealing to investors.

Last year’s market volatility produced some surprising winners in the crypto business. With new meme currencies leading the way in terms of profits topping thousands of percent in some cases. Bitcoin’s low profits of roughly 60% had almost completely eliminated it from the thoughts of most crypto investors in the world of Flokis and Shibas.

Marketing specialist Lina Seiche shared a meme on the Microblogging site on the Bitcoin’s 13th Birthday regarding Bitcoin’s brilliant performance on returns.

Bitcoin Returning More Than 60 Per cent

Zooming out and altering views, however, reveals that Bitcoin is gaining traction among traditional investors, who are increasingly seeing it as a go-to store of value asset that has outperformed all capital markets.

Bitcoin returned more than 60% last year, according to the Goldman Sachs 2021 return scorecard. As a result, Bitcoin has risen to the top of all capital markets, including benchmark and thematic equities baskets. Global indices such as the NAsdw, Russell 1000, and S&P 500 all returned less than 30%.

Even high-value equities baskets like FAAMG underperformed Bitcoin in 2021, with gains of only 37%.

Gold, on the other hand, was the greatest loser on the Goldman Sachs scorecard. It was at the bottom of the list, right next to 10-year Treasury bonds, with a return on investment of 4%. This is in keeping with the broader market stance toward gold, which has seen an increasing number of investors reject the asset class as a safe haven.

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