Bitcoin Will Replace the Dollar, Jack Dorsey claims

Bitcoin Will Replace the Dollar or will it? Jack Dorsey claims that it will happen inevitably. Let’s find out what the Twitter founder said.


Jack Dorsey is associated with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies for quite a while. He is known for being the creator of the popular micro blogging website Twitter. Naturally with such a nice background he attracts a lot of fame and attention. But, this time he has made quite some bold comments regarding Bitcoin.

Dorsey had been interacting with Grammy Award winner singer and rapper Cardi B on his website Twitter. The interaction went on the rapper Cardi B asking a question saying “Do you think crypto is going to replace the dollar?”. The singer has also been known to interact with fans about happenings and affairs of the world, so her asking this question wasn’t a surprise. The surprise came when Jack Dorsey replied to her question with a short tweet. The tweet said “Yes, Bitcoin will”.

This tweet naturally sent shockwaves in the Twitter community. Users went wild talking about it and it became a hot topic in social media. Many people used this event as an opportunity to post memes and funny things related to this. Among them was Dogecoin co-founder Billy Markus, also known as Shibetoshi Nakamoto. He shared a meme about Dogecoin being more stable than the US dollar.

Dorsey’s new entrepreneurial endeavours

Dorsey has been really famous in these past days. He made headlines when he announced that he will be stepping down as the CEO of his company Twitter. Parag Agrawal succeeded to the position of CEO after Dorsey’s stepping down.

Dorsey now focuses his time on his company Block. Block was formerly known as Square. This company will build bitcoin mining systems with custom silicon individuals as well as businesses. And the whole ordeal would be open source.

Dorsey and Bitcoin

Jack Dorsey’s love for Bitcoin isn’t something new. He is actively investing in Bitcoin since 2017. He famously claimed that Bitcoin is the king coin. Dorsey’s love for Bitcoin didn’t fade away in the 2018 Crypto crash. He remained its vocal supporter despite the low value of the Cryptocurrency. Dorsey also claimed to have spent several thousands of dollars every week to buy Bitcoin.

Dorsey is working on a decentralised Bitcoin exchange called tbDEX. He has released the White paper of the exchange.


Bitcoin Will Replace the Dollar or will it? Jack Dorsey claims that it will happen inevitably. Let’s wait and find out what will happen in the future.

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