BTG Pactual To Launch Mynt Trading Platform!


  • BTG Pactual is a Brazilian financial services company which operates in investment banking, asset management, wealth management and trading.
  • The company recently announced that it will launch a platform, Mynt.
  • The platform will allow customers to buy and sell the two biggest cryptocurrencies in the space: Bitcoin and Ethereum.

What did BTG Pactual announce?

The Brazilian Investment Bank, BTG Pactual announced that the company will launch a platform, Mynt in late 2021. This platform will allow Brazilian customers and institutions to seamlessly buy the two largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization: Bitcoin and Ethereum. This is so because they are relatively stable and less-riskier than most volatile altcoins.

However, the head of the digital assets department at BTG Pactual informed in a statement that they will be adding other cryptocurrencies and altcoins to its platform gradually overtime. Their platform will be filled with blockchain-based digital assets whose future prospects are healthy and the underlying projects are funded. The surge in Brazilian crypto activity has infused a lot of demand among the general public. Thus, the company, to cater the mentioned demands of their customers, will launch Mynt in the later part of 2021.

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What are the features of Mynt?

In addition to cryptocurrency trading, the Mynt platform will also contain educational content on cryptocurrencies. This content will be uploaded to ensure that people new to the cryptocurrency space are informed of its functioning, risks, volatility and the future. Being a new and unregulated asset class, the company was obliged to produce educational content to safeguard the interests of their clients. Education about crypto will avoid speculation and gambling in the market. Instead, with proper knowledge, people can invest in good projects with a healthy management rather than meme coins or hype cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin or Shiba Inu.

Although Visa has partnered with various traditional banks to provide B2B services in Brazil, BTG Pactual’s entry in the market makes it the first large investment bank to undertake direct cryptocurrency trading. The Bank’s regulation and affiliation with the Securities and Exchange Commission will provide credibility to its platform Mynt.

Users can seamlessly buy and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum without the risk of security. The investment bank’s platform will provide a highly secure way of trading and safe custody of the digital assets. People will know Mynt for its differential security and credibility due to its affiliation with regulatory bodies. The educational content on the platform will further induce customers to invest smartly through their platform.

BTG Pactual Mynt
Source: BTCManager

What are the benefits of Mynt?

The benefits of the new platform will be primarily for the customers.

  • The customers will be able to invest in the best cryptocurrencies at first through the bank’s safe network.
  • The customers need not open a different brokerage account for the same.
  • Bitcoin and Ethereum are less volatile than other altcoins floating in the market, thus safeguarding investor’s funds.
  • Educational content on the Mynt platform will make people aware of the functionality and technology of the new asset class.
  • The Bank’s affiliation with the SEC mitigates the risk of fraudulent activities.
  • BTG Pactual will generate a new revenue stream through transaction costs in cryptocurrency trading.
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