Bunicorn Integrating Chainlink’s VRF: All Set To Secure Its NFT Collectible’s Randomness

Bunicorn is the latest emerging AMM (Automated Market Maker) on Binance Smart Chain. Recently, it has announced that it is ready to integrate Chainlink’s VRF (Verifiable Random Function). This great step was taken with the aim in mind to help secure its VBUNI NFT collectibles. This will bring the right amount of trust and security on the table for all the holders who lock their yields in the time holding liquidable NFTs.

The platform has also introduced a new NFT reward vesting model. This model will turn user’s rewards into unique NFT collectibles. Furthermore, they will be infusing this model with a gaming approach. Bunicorn will generate these NFTs as different cryptokitties or maybe Polkamon like artworks that will be ranked in ascending degrees. The levels will range from 1 to 6 depending on their rarity.

Bunicorn is having a great advantage by adopting Chainlink’s VRF. It will then be able to transparently conduct the distribution of such VBUNI NFT collectibles with the sudden randomness that is expected from any lottery system. Moreover, the VRF provides fair and unbiased randomness to everyone on the dapp game’s outcomes. This makes sure that all the random number results are verifiable before they become available to the consuming smart contracts. With the help of this integration, all the stakeholders in the ecosystem like the VBUNI NFT holders can be relieved that the card distribution process has been fairly conducted properly. Also, they have the freedom to verify it on-chain with cryptographic proofs.

Via Twitter – @bunicornswap

Bunicorn’s founder and CEO, Phuc Nguyen said, “Since day one, we have always been sticking with our philosophy to prioritize transparency and fair distribution of all forms for our users. Therefore, it is very critical for us to choose a trusted and capable randomness provider that shares the same vision and helps us fulfill our promise to the community. And we see Chainlink VRF as the most suitable ally on this trailblazing journey as convinced by their powerful portfolios with proven know-how.”

Chainlink has successfully emerged as the go-to infrastructure on blockchain. Also, all the DeFi projects leverage it for the oracle technology it has. By May, more than 300 blockchain projects had integrated with Chainlink’s decentralized oracle. All the NFT use cases as a side shoot of DeFi in the middle of recent surge and flattening will still be requiring tamper-proof technology as reference data. Further, this integration will help Bunicorn to strengthen the NFT use cases. There most of them have just been dismissed as fads.

The company’s team has successfully raised around $1.5 million in a private round. It is now all set to hold its IDO with an allocation of about $200,000 in a bid. This is so that it can hit its targeted hardcap at $1.7 million. This event is taking place today on red Kitez and Poolz. 

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