Burberry Entering The World Of NFTs

Burberry is a British luxury fashion house. This popular brand has decided to enter into the booming world of NFTs. The long-established designer brand cooperated with Mythical Games. Mythical Games is the studio that runs Blankos Block Party for a lot of branded digital toys in-game. Many major fashion companies have started to join the NFT exploration but Burberry’s partnership with Mythical Games is the recent one.

Burberry And The Blankos Block Party Game

Blankos Block Party is a brand new NFT game. In this game, the players and the users can sell, buy and also collect Blankos which are the NFT characters in the game. Moreover, they can also create and develop games. There is a comparison done and perhaps it is the most appropriate one. We can say that Blankos Block Party game is like “Fortnite meets Funko Pops” but with a tint of NFTs. “Skins” are the main driving force of IP for physical and digital products. Thus, this is making designer brands very suitable for NFT projects such as Blankos. Fortnite and Funko Pops are major examples. They have a lot of collectibles whose value increased over time. Another example is Medicom BearBricks. They usually have the same structure and can contain up to five figures US Dollars.

This game, Blankos Block Party is currently available for free for people to play where they can purchase different cosmetics and accessories. The game is available on PC. The team is also working on the game to avail it on several platforms. According to DApp radar, it runs on a customized version on the EOS blockchain. The brand new and unique Burberry NFTs are called “B Series”. The company will feature its limited-edition NFTs on the 11th of August. Burberry after disclosing this news tweeted about the drop. Their drop will also include “a vinyl NFT toy, the limited edition character Sharky B, and accessories”.

It Is Neither First Nor The Last Company To Enter NFTs

In the past few months, Burberry has joined the ranks of Dolce and Gabanna (D&B), Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and many other brands. This is not to say that it surprised consumers. In March of this year, a Gucci representative confirmed to Vogue Business that the introduction of the NFT brand “is only a matter of time”. Of course, at the end of May and early June, Gucci released “Proof of Sovereignty”, which is a Christies-curated NFT sale.

In the past couple of weeks, Louis Vuitton has released a new mobile game that features NFTs to commemorate the 200 birthday of the founder. Lastly, the previous month, Dolce and Gabanna also announced their own non-fungible tokens as well. With the launch of the polygon blockchain, D&B will showcase this NFT series at three events to be held in Venice at the end of this month. Fashion brands are obviously showing great interest in NFT participation. Stay tuned for the latest news on NFTs.

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