Cardano: Should You Invest?

Cardano, a decentralized and open-source blockchain platform that can facilitate the use of peer-to-peer transactions. Cardano foundation developed the platform. And as per market capitalization, Cardano ranks 5th after Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, and Tether. ADA is their crypto token.

Proof of Stake & Smart contracts

Cardano utilizes the proof of stake consensus mechanism to sustain its blockchain platform. In 2021, Cardano started supporting smart contracts. For the fully functional development and deployment of smart contracts, they are using programming languages like Marlowe, Glow, and Plutus.

Meet The Team

Charles Hopkinson, the co-founder of Ethereum founded Cardano in 2015. He is also an entrepreneur and software developer. Charles aimed to provide a more balanced and sustainable ecosystem in the crypto world. The board members of the platform are Jillian MacNab, Mary Beth Buchanan, and Andreas Eschbach. And these people are very smart. They know what to do and when to do it. The leading team consists of engineers who aims to bring more positive change and progress.

3 Reasons To Buy

  • It’s been five years since it launched, but still, it is in the early stages. They are slowly yet strategically moving forward. Cardano is known for its development. After their announcement for supporting smart contracts, over 900 dApps were built on the platform.
  • Ethereum can process about 30 transactions per second(tps), whereas Cardano can support around 250 tps. And they are working on the Hydra layer-2 system that will eventually help the platform process up to 1 million transactions.
  • Founders, team members, and board executives are all well experienced in the crypto space. They all are people who have proven themselves. They plan and work according to it. And when there’s a plan, there’s a way. Cardano has a five-stage roadmap, and they are currently working on the last two stages.

All crypto investments are risky. But they can be equally rewarding too. High risk, high reward is fundamental to making money. Always invest money in cryptos that you can afford to lose.

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