Charles Hoskinson Says That Cryptocurrency Will Play A Great Role In Afghanistan During Turmoil

  • According to Charles Hoskinson, cryptocurrencies’ involvement in Afghanistan could be fueled by the demand for secrecy.
  • Crypto adoption, according to the co-founder of Ethereum, will be a part of the resistance against the Taliban.
  • Afghanistan is ranked 20th out of 154 countries on a worldwide cryptocurrency adoption rating.

Cardano’s founder and co-founder of ethereum, Charles Hoskinson, told CNBC Tuesday that cryptocurrencies will gain traction in Afghanistan due to a growing demand for more anonymity.

On CNBC’s “Squawk Box Asia,” he said, “It is my belief that cryptocurrencies are going to play a larger role in Afghanistan this time around, in the war for and against the Taliban forces.”

Here’s the full video tweet by Charles Hoskinson posted on his official Twitter handle.

On Monday, the last American military planes flew out of Kabul airport, bringing an end to America’s 20-year presence in the country.

Afghans who remain in the nation face an unclear future, and those who wished to leave were unable to do so.

Their struggle has brought attention to a regressive regime, according to Hoskinson, which predicts protracted civil war and turmoil. He noted that the growing interest in crypto could be a reaction to the Taliban’s toppling of the Afghan government.

Meanwhile, International Medical Corps, a fund raising organisation setting campaign for donations for countries that are in a state of crisis accepting cryptocurrencies form all over the world for donations.

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