Charles Hoskinson Thrashed By Twitteratis After Failing Miserably For His Cardano Prediction.

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson has recently come under fire from Twitter detractors, who claim that year-old tweets showing the network’s adoption estimates do not match community expectations.

Cardano, the fifth most valuable cryptocurrency by market capitalization and self-described third-generation blockchain venture, has a great number of supporters and believers who trust in its scientific method to blockchain technology development.

Nonetheless, the network has plenty of critics, and the Internet never forgets.

Cardano creator Charles Hoskinson made his forecasts for the network on Twitter about a year ago, and they include more widespread dApps (decentralised apps) deployments and hundreds of assets running on the blockchain.

One of the Twitter user found this thread a while ago and didn’t hesitate to reply to Charles and thrashed him for his inability to launch such dApps confirmed by him a year ago.

Despite its astronomically high worth in the tens of billions of dollars, another user quickly pointed out Cardano’s lower transaction turnover compared to other networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Another jab at Hoskinson was when he compared Cardano community members responding to his tweets to community comments defending IOTA in 2017, naming these people ADA bots.

Although some of Hoskinson’s predictions were taken by the Twitterati as evidence that the network was not meeting its stated goals, the other quickly pointed out that the original Cardano tweet himself had a prediction. It was a prediction.

Hoskinson responded to the criticism by highlighting the success of the network in certain areas. But the real reality of the blockchain itself is more important than the tit-for-tat Twitter fight.

Someone pointed out a big revelation about Cardano as a ghost chain.

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